I suppose I should start out by saying that I have violated my own internet rule..."NONE of it is gonna get me worked up. If it does, walk away."  So... I'm very aggitated and am going to type out a long, ranting diatribe because of it... but, uh... well, there's a wide open text box and... ITS ALL MINE. (Muah ha ha ha ha)

There are at least three (and possibly four) sides to the vaccination debate that I have identified. (and if I really think hard, I may be able to come up with more...) I am squarely, solidly, unmovingly situated (firmly) in ONE of these perspectives.  Name calling, accusations, wild finger pointing, yelling, ranting, questioning my words, questioning my parenting skills... none of these are tactics that are going to make me change my mind in my position.  Why?  Because I have been on TWO sides of the debate, I get it, I understand and (most importantly), I have educated myself and have made what I feel is the right decision for my children.  That in and of itself, is, apparently, enough to piss off a whole lot of people.

  So...there was a poll yesterday (I generally don't get involved in ANY drama...I stay away from it...admittedly, vax are a hot button issue for me and I went to the dark side...)  The poll has been removed because someone called a non-vaxxing parent a child abuser (it wasn't me they called this name, LOL, but... uh...logic and by extension... that is calling all non-vaxxing parents abusive) and the mama laid out the EVIDENCE... apparently, it got too hot to handle and cm closed down the poll.  (I also don't get why people resort to name calling... if you're backed up by data, you really don't need to call names?  oh, wait...that might be too logical a statement).  So, well... I got worked up about so many people BLINDLY attacking others...it just doesn't make sense to me.

 So... sigh... it just really irritates me that these people who never passed recess in kindergarten are now parents and poking hot sticks at others for having different beliefs.  A poll question phrased (paraphrase, I don't remember the exact words): "Do you HATE it when parents don't vaccinate their children?" I think the question was longer... but the word hate was in there... the majority vote, at the last time I checked (before I had to leave the house) was 53% "NO" (they don't "hate" it), 8% "other" and  39% "Yes" (I hate it when...).

  Those of you who know me know that I watch my words... I don't purposely offend ANYone...its not what I'm about.  I allow opinions in everyone and really couldn't care less if our opinions are different.  I'm NOT going to call you (anyone) a name because you believe something different from me.  I WILL say what I think, why I think it and pretty much not hold back from those opinions (because I also allow it in myself to have opinions!), but I'm not going to attack anyone for having a different opinion.

 A couple things stood out to me in the responses.  The non-vax'ers used the words "poisons" and "toxins" frequently...which generally just pissed off the rabid (and uninformed - rabid, uninformed...one of the sides of the debate) vaxers.  One actually said (again, I paraphrase) "I am vaccinating my child. I'm not injecting her with formaldehyde." AHHHH... but the nurse just may be!  The rabid, uninformed (usually wreckless "followers" who just can't manage to think for themselves, and go along with all of the biased media and bash others) don't KNOW that some of the vaccines being given to children (BABIES...NEWBORNS, and at regular intervals throughout childhood, in multiple doses in 2 month olds, 4 month olds, 6 month olds....and on and on) DO INDEED contain formaldehyde as a preservative.  OK... so in addition to formaldehyde (anyone DISagree that that is a poison?), aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue from humans and monkeys, eggs (the fetal tissue and eggs are growth mediums... but isn't it ironic that your doctor tells you not to give your baby eggs until she's 12 months old (or whatever), to prevent allergies, but will inject it into your child?)  So, some are indeed poisons and some are just not things I want in my children.  Am I going to continue to call formaldehyde a poison and piss off the uninformed?  Uh... yeah, probably... I am armed with my own hot pokey stick of knowledge.

 Someone else said (paraphrased again) "Those who vaccinate, I hope your children stay healthy. Those who don't, I hope you accept the consequences when your child gets sick."  HUH?  Your "blessings" are bestowed only upon the children who have parents who inject poisons into them?  Its sad that she apparently wishes ill will upon my, poor, "abused", "neglected" and most importantly unvaccinated children (mine are actually partially vaxxed, we stopped all vax in 2005).  Wow... I kind of pray that all children stay healthy, not just those who have parents who believe the same things as I do.

  OK...so, we've discussed the rabid uninformed group... here are the others that I've come up with...having had some time to think, the list may be more than 3 or 4... my list...my open text box...

1) Rabid Uninformed (we've already discussed this group)

2) Uninformed (These folks are the ones I really have a heart for... these are parents (and I believe the majority of people fall into this category...see how nice I am...giving the rabid uninformed the benefit of the doubt...) who are seriously just doing what they think is best, following the direction of their child's doctor, vaccinating without question just because its "what they are supposed to do".  Now, don't get me wrong, I have a serious heart for children with special needs (I've been working with the special needs population since I was 16 years old and I have three children with special needs), but when a child of an uninformed parent gets a vaccine injury, this is REALLY hurts my heart... This parent thinks they are doing the best they can and a vaccine injury really blindsides them...because the doctors do NOT tell you what the consequences are and it truly comes out of the blue... Then the parent is overcome with guilt AFTER learning the consequences the hard way.)

3) The Informed Vaxers (just what it sounds like... they've done their research, and have come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the risks.  I respect this group because they have armed themselves with knowledge.)

4) The Informed Non-Vaxers 

5) The medical community who pushes vaccines on unknowing, uninformed parents who are just trying to do what's best for their children. What the doctors are NOT telling parents is that $$ makes the world go round... Pharmaceutical companies have high priced lobbyists who pressure our politicians (and we know what a trustworthy lot they are) to mandate their products, pharmaceutical companies are CONSTANTLY bringing doctors gifts, providing trips to "conferences" (in a warm, sunny, beachfront location, in the middle of winter), bringing office staff lunches and treats...so they will tout their products...The doctors (as a whole) have never and WILL never tell parents the whole truth... this is what you won't hear from your child's pediatrician..."This vaccine might cause fever, your child might feel achey or under the weather for a couple days, just give them some tylenol. Oh... by the way... this particular vax contains aluminum, traces of mercury (but don't worry, "they" can't "prove" it causes autism - another pet peeve... vaccinations don't cause autism... they cause vaccine injuries, which has symptoms that can closely resemble autism...isn't it convenient that "they" say "vaccines unequivically do NOT cause autism."  because they think that will appease the public...they DO cause, can cause and will continue to cause vaccine injuries), formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue and oh... some other inert ingredients used to preserve the modified virus we are going to inject into your child. If you are lucky...there might be a little swelling and a fever.  If you are one of the unlucky ones, your child could shortly start to have seizures, spike a very high fever, have skill regression, cognitive regression, become brain dead, paralyzed or die.  OK, Ms. Smith...sign here...."

So, those are the groups as far as I can tell...there could be more, and of course, this constitutes my personal opinion and is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any disease.  It certainly may prevent another vaccine injury...in which case, I'll take the label "nut job" gratefully and graciously knowing that I did it to help a child.  No one is gonna get any hateful questions from me.  No one is going to get called any names (uh...unless you call me one first... and I already told you "Nut job" doesn't bother me... I DID pass recess, but in my advanced age, I know how to play "the game"... so don't NOT expect a full - on "Ms. Smith is gonna get taken to school." if you attack me... because I'm not attacking ANYONE.  I just don't understand the hatefulness brought against parents who are just trying to do the best they can... so what if you don't agree with me?  Is that reason enough for you to use hateful words and belittle me?  That's not how I treat people.

 Also, it should be said that I am a former Uninformed parent.  I let the doctors bully me (well, I was slightly informed...just enough to be dangerous) into getting My children "vaccinated" (in quotes because if the vax truly worked, why do we need boosters all the time?)...and I did things on my OWN schedule...not theirs... I SIGNED PERMISSION to allow them to inject my children with POISONS.  In November of 2005, my 17 month old child was given a flu shot (because if he got the flu, "bad" things would happen with his special needs).  I took in a healthy child.  Two hours later my baby had a 105* fever, began having a new type of seizure that he had never had before, lost his newly acquired skill of walking, stopped babbling, "forgot" how to eat and many other symptoms of what I knew immediately was a vaccine injury.  Sam started talking when he was 3... and at 4 1/2 is still extremely delayed, legally blind and has continued to experience the "new" kind of seizure...I was "assured" that it was all merely a "coincidence" and....yadda yadda... They sure are trying to sell... but I'm not buying.

 So, Here's the question I'll pose to you... "Ms. Smith".... Are you gonna sign?


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Jan. 31, 2009 at 12:36 PM

Oh Jen, what a wonderful post. I love it! You rock!!!!! I, myself do not vaccinate. All of my children are partially vaccinated, but I stopped when Willow had her first very light vax dose at 15 months old. Within 4 hours, she turned into a vegetable, stopped eating and was gone. She went down to 11 pounds (yes at 15 months old). I was told that this was a coincidence too. WTH???? Thank God, she came back to us, but not for 9 weeks. It was horrible for us. There were so many tears that we could have filled a house with them. Oh, and the guilt. I am so thankful that she came back to us, but I have a nephew who never has......my SIL is so saddened by her decision to vaccinate.

I do not look down on anyone who vaccinates. We are all Mothers and we do what we think is best for our children. Now, those who are not informed and start bashing others, that is a whole other subject. When people ask me about my decision, I will talk about what I know, but refuse to debate over it. I know that my decision is based on my knowledge, education and love for my children, and anyone who has anything to say about my decision has not walked in my shoes and has NO idea where I have been.

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 12:38 PM

great points! I realy loved this! Hopefully people will read this with an open mind!

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 12:55 PM

I refuse to debate over it too. I partially vaxed my oldest but my other 2 are un-vaxed. I stand strong by my decision but I also do understand both sides, sadly I think the pro-vax side needs to lighten up a bit and realize that the schedule is too soon and too many all at once but again JMO.

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 2:04 PM

I also was uninformed, but partially informed or shall we call it curious/worried/questioning parent that asked questions on the boosters and other non-related shots that did not make sense. We partially vaxed our two oldest, and then w/ our youngest did even less. Now, after really being AWAKENED fully to everything after research, I am no longer vaxing the children further. You should have seen the asthma specialist after I refused the flu shot for my daughter. Her right lung wasn't working at full capacity, and the specialist really urged that she be given the flu shot or she would get worse. Truly, I can not see how giving my daughter the flu shot is such a wonderful thing when every year they "run out" of it and we have to reschedule to come back the next month. Is it really that good when it is never in supply?? None of my kids or myself or my DH have gotten the flu shot and we never will. Unfortunately, the coming of foster care children in our care will not give us the freedom of choosing these things. I can choose their diet, the things they are exposed to in our home and community... but I can not keep them from being exposed from the harms in vaccines.

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 3:45 PM

Rock on!

I was uniformed and now that I am at a point in life where (because I was so lucky nothing happened to my children with their vaccines) if I had another child (which we can't) I wouldn't vaccinate this time around. It would all be different.

I am a lot different now than I was before. We started having children young, so things like that were not quite as made important as I make them now.  We tried to have our children yes, but we were still young.  And I was just never around anyone who didn't vaccinate, who had problems with it, or had vaccine injuries.  So we are definitely lucky.

But I love this and I would hope that everyone, no matter what side they are on, can take this like a history lesson, and absorb the postitive that is truly in this writing.

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 5:30 PM

I don't ever get in on debates or something I feel will lead to it.   I just feel like people got a right to live their lives.  I got my beliefs and that's what I'll live by.   I agree with what you said if someone's done their homework that leaves no room to bash.   But people will anyway coz they feel their opinions need to be pushed onto everyone.   Will it make the other person conform to their way of thinking?  No.    Just leads to fighting.   

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 5:32 PM

I have vaccinated my children but that was my choice. I can't say I was fully informed but I was not completely ignorant either. I babysat for a family who had two children who had violent reactions to vacations. It was their 18 month shots. The first baby died and the second baby (4 years later) was left brain damaged. She died at 15 due to complications from the vacations when she was a baby. I am not however convinced to give my children the HPV or the meningitis vaccines. They are two new and I'm don't believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Jan. 31, 2009 at 7:02 PM

I have vaccinated all of my children so far ( all 8 ) and that's just the choice i made that i feel was right. I feel to each his own and you have to do what you feel is right for your family. I applaud those who stick to their beliefs.

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Feb. 1, 2009 at 3:52 AM

i vax mine and never heard differently till i came to CM.  now i wanna know what you ladies know about not doing it.

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Feb. 1, 2009 at 3:55 AM

we dont do the flu shot....never felt the need to


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