sometimes i wish that life would just slow down a little bit. it seems as tho we will get a break and sure enough we are planning the wedding..october 3rd is the big day..and im trying to loose weight so i will look marvelous ;)  and thats going..and we are going out to AL to go see dustins mom..and o how i look forward to flying with a 2 1/2 year old! we stop over in dallas so we cna get out long enough to get to the next i am excited to go see his mom. work is work...i wish i didnt have to but i do..the babystting options are wearing me out...his step mom is getting worse and cant even bend over any more..she cant run after kam anymore either. my mom drives everybody crazy..she comes to my house and rearranges everything and then pisses my roomate off who hates her to begin with..thats a hole nother story. and at my dads house her and my sis dont get along so then i have them bitching at me. joy..and my sis was diagnosed with depression and the first meds they put her on sent her even worse into the dark abyss. she stopped taking htem and is better but is still a bitchy mess... but i love her regardless and hope that she gets better soon. i miss the real her. kam is growing by leaps and bounds and hopefully i can get some stuff paid off and get her into preschool so that her mind keeps growing. she is just getting so smart its unbelievable. she has so many people that love her. my brother and his gf are taking her to the aquarium on wed. and then our friends "her aunt and uncle" are taking her to the zoo on monday! they dont even have kids of their own. but its all good. summer is always busy for dustin and the holidays are busy for me..but we still are not stopping. we have something to do every weekend for the next 6 weeks! my house is a mess, and the laundry isnt done... but at the end of the day i can say that i tickled my daughter...kissed my fiance...and im still here an healthy...


thanks for listening to my short rant...



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