I find my self watching my newborn with pure amazement. It is so remarkable to see some thing so tiny. His little fingers actually work. He grabs my finger and clings to my clothes when I hold him. And the smile.....(yea he's a little ahead) is just outrageous!! No teeth, a huge grin and the chuckle that come with it. I can't help but to smile or laugh back.

He's recently discovered that those things hanging off his body actually move. Kicking his legs cracks him up too! My favorite is when it's time to change his diaper, I put the diaper on his head and he looks like George Washington...lol. Hey, it's the only way to get him not cry and kick.

His "talking" is killer. He now "asks" to eat instead of crying like a normal newborn. Mealtime is hilarious because he'll eat, stop, chit-chat, and go back to eating. It's like he has to "tell" me about his day, as if I wasn't there. 

Anyway, I had to do a self check, cuz there is no way being a Mom is much fun!

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