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We're down to less than 2 weeks before we supposed to move and we don't even have the movers set up yet!!! Thankfully Dh is going in this afternoon for his TMO appointment so we should have a date for when the movers will be here to pack and load. If they can't get it done within this short time we're going to be stuck doing a DITY move and we REALLY don't want to have to do would involve trying to reserve a Uhual truck last minute, us packing last minute and loading and being almost 7 months pregnant I just don't see that happening as smoothly as if the movers come and take care of everything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to get out here Monday to pack and Tuesday to load up and head out with our things so we have time to have the carpets cleaned and what not before we head out on the 14th. I have so much to do and to top it all off I have 2 final projects due this week for school and I honestly doubt I will pass both classes at this point....I may get lucky and just barely pass one of them. I wish I had a few extra hands so I can keep the boys busy with one set, clean with another and go through things with a third set. lol. There are a few things I have already tossed out but I know there is more that can go.....I have a lot to do....kind of wish we had room in the car for my little sister...I would just fly her out and use her as an extra set of hands and then she could just ride back with us to Washington. It would do her some good to get out of my grandma's house right now but she is 6 feet tall and she would have to sit in the back of the Dakota with the boys...she would be kind of squished and I don't think it would be fair to make her sit like that half way across country. I guess sitting here typing this isn't getting much done but I honestly don't know where to begin....its a bit overwhelming.

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