So I have two birthdays coming up - a 6th birthday and a1st birthday. I've been really torn on what to do, as we've always made the first birthdays a separate, special occasion. However, with family coming from out of town, we really need to hold them on the same day.

I wanted to do a Teddy Bear Picnic theme for the 1 year old (how scary to say my baby is almost one!!!), however the 6 year old has requested a pirate princess party.  So Pirate Pincess it is - just to make things easier.

But then I was thinking - if we start the one year party at say, 11ish and then have the 6 year old's friends show up at one, we could almost do two themes, if we kept the color scheme the same.  The one year old would be only family and close friends and then we'd add the school friends in for the later party.

So now I'm thinking a hot pink and black cupcake theme for the one year old and the pirate princess for the 6 year old. Sound too complicated?

And on to the 6 year old pary - how many friends to invite?  She wants to invite her whole class, which is 28, but that seems like way too many.  Her daddy says we should only have 6 - for 6 years old.  But that seems so few.  Where's the happy medium?

Hmmm, must think more on this.

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