Hi All, now that we've been using the HP Touchsmart for a while, I thought I'd give some additional thoughts on the product.

 The children really enjoy doing their school games with the touch screen.  It has really made fine motor delays a non-issue... if the mouse is hard for one of them to use, the touch screen makes it much easier...and they have a blast with it!

 I've enjoyed the music player and the mahjong game that came loaded onto the computer.

  It is a little bit hard for me to remember that this machine has touch screen capabilities... I'm a bit "old school" and have not used the technology to its full potential. (sad... but sometimes I really do simply forget)...  One thing I LOVE is the "sticky notes"... I can do "to-do" lists, post myself reminders, grocery lists, etc.  It has been a wonderful help in reminding me to do things!

 I have found that I have issues with things being "gummed up"... but it seems like a windows vista issue (surprise, surprise) moreso than an computer issue.

 One thing that the boys have enjoyed very much is watching movies on the computer.  The big wide screen lends very nicely to a good movie watching experience.

  Thanks again to HP and cafemom for this opportunity and wonderful experience. We feel very blessed to have been selected to test this product and it will continue to be put to very good use with our homeschooling and other household details.

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Mar. 17, 2009 at 11:58 AM

I'm really glad to hear this. I am really wanting to get one for Jaiden, he loves the computer so much, but can't quite get it figured out with his motor skills. Guess I'll start saving up!

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Apr. 1, 2009 at 2:45 PM

I love the one that I have used.  What I want to know is.... how do all these mommas keep getting great things & offers like this?  I want in on it.  Dang it...... 

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