I'm not having much luck trying to get Melaleuca's Childrens vitamins for my son Kyle. He was diagnosed last month with Celiac Disease and is in desperate need of nutrition from his vitamins. Since the company has a hold on them I'm not able to buy them. I call daily but no one so far has an answer for me as to when I might be able to get them. I'm not sure what to do at this point so I was hoping someone might have an extra bottle I can buy. These vitamins have helped him so much already but we have been without now for a couple weeks.

Kyle has been sick his whole life with everything from failure to thrive as an infant , short term memory loss, seizures, animic to just tired and pale and has a hard time just getting the energy to get up in the mornings to go to school. We never knew what was wrong with him although he had been diagnosed with several medical illnesses these, we now know they were all symptoms of CeliacDisease. Under supervision of his doctor we were told to put him back on a regular diet until his surgery that would be testing how bad his intestines looked (He has damaged villi so he gets absorbs no nutrition from foods he eats) but a week into putting him on regular food (poison to him) he passed out, that was last week, so I cancelled his surgery and put him on a gluten free diet but he hasn't been able to take any vitamins  and he is in need of them so if you could pass this along to any one who might have an extra bottle I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank You in advance!


Heather  Fox  
Mom's Delivering Wellness
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