A few weeks back my whole extended family shared a cold... and not three days later my 4 month old son came down with it. Two weeks later he still had it and i brought him into the doctor to make sure it hadn't grown into something worse. She said he was fine, just congested. Then at his monthly check HIS doctor told me he had RSV. Hooray! I know it's just a really severe cold. They're not kidding when they say it's extremely contagious! I have it now. So we are sharing it together. How fun it is to have to climb from bed feeling like you did NOT get nearly enough sleep, head throbbing, barely able to breath to care for your screaming, angry sick baby!

The poor little man is misery itself. I just want to cuddle him all day. You can tell he feels icky because most the time he is a baby with a mission. He has to see everything and touch everything and interact with everyone BUT NOW he wants nothing but to cuddle into my arms and rest. Its bittersweet.

I'm hoping we will not keep giving it back and forth for weeks. .. That would be terribly icky.

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