I had THREE BOYS all within three years.  I wanted more children but NOT right away!!  My husband didn't want any more children WHAT SO EVER.  So I, being a submissive wife, got my tubes clamped.  It was the worst thing I could have done.  I didn't feel like I was "me" any more.  I got really depressed.  Now, mind you, since the tubal ligation surgery, I had really bad pain with my periods...and such.  I went back to the dr. who tied my tubes and I questioned him on having a reversal surgery (my husband had no idea).  He gave me NO hope for a tubal reversal.  He said that I had endometriosis...and would probably never concieve again.  He also told me that the surgery was REALLY expensive.  He ended up putting me on a drug that actually made my brain think that it was going through menopause....(yeah, my husband got to see our future!)  That drug didn't last long!!!

Years later, a lady from my church and myself began to pray that my husband would have a change of heart about having more children.  Within a couple of months, my husband changed his mind.  We had some bills to wrap up so, two years later we made all the preparations...and had a tubal reversal surgery!!  Which by the way was only $4,300.00-for the dr. and hospital!!!  Praise the Lord!  In Sept. 2006, I had the surgery.  I got pregnant w/in six months of the surgery...it sadly ended in a misscarriage.  I got pregnant a few months later which ended in another misscarriage!  To my surprise I was still determinded to have a baby.  I had the attitude of, "The Lord started this, I know He'll see it through!"  By July 2007, I got pregnant again.  This time being successful in my eyes.  What I mean by that is we can't always see  what God is doing in our lives.  But, I believe that God was trying to teach me patience.  Up to that point, I was doing everything to bring things to pass in my life...or so I thought...I think God wanted to show me that HE is the giver of gifts!

  And what a gift Lillian Rose Marie is to our whole family!!  She is everything I prayed for her to be.  AND IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb. 7, 2009 at 7:36 PM

congtratulations on your little one! children are truly a gift.  did you get the endometriosus treated too? is the pain better?

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Feb. 7, 2009 at 7:51 PM

No, I didn't have the endometriosis treated...The dr. that untied my tubes said there was no trace of endometriosis!  I get mild cramping with my periods now... just like before I had my tubes tied.  After I had my tubes tied there was a change almost right away with the unbearable pain during my cycles.   

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