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We have officially reached moving week! The movers came yesterday to pack up the house and find that there is no way the semi will make it into our driveway because the road is narrow with a ditch on each side and the power lines sag over our drive way entrance so the semi wouldn't be able to even come down the drive way if he could make the turn into it. All this leads to the stress of today....because they can't get a semi in here they have to park it somewhere and use a budget rental truck as a shuttle between our house and the semi to load EVERYTHING so its taking twice as long to get everything loaded up. We have no address on the other end because we don't want to move into a place without looking at it and my Dh is being a butt and won't trust my grandma and little sister to do the looking for us. I have found 2 homes that are in our price range and meet our size/room needs thats it! One is available as of today and sounds nice - 4bd 2.5ba 2000sqft and still below our housing allowance, just waiting on pictures that should be posted this afternoon - and the other won't be ready until mid March - 4bd 2ba 1600sqft and a lot less than our housing allowance (like $200 less which is nice). I just want an address!!!!! Is that too much to ask for? I have no where to forward our mail (except a general delivery address that the new base has and Dh doesn't want to forward it there, he said he doesn't want to have to forward our mail twice but if we continue to do things his way then no matter what we're going to be forwarding our mail twice...I don't understand men sometimes!) Thankfully I am child free yesterday and today so dealing with the movers has been easy but it is raining, has been since last night, sometimes super heavy and my car is parked in the front yard so the movers can use the driveway for the budget truck and now my car is STUCK in the yard because the ground is so soft that there is no traction and my tires just spin....we could pull it out with Dhs truck but we have no chains...everything is packed! Ugh! I hardly slept at all the last 3 nights and my shoulders and upper back are killing me not to mention that the weather went from being cold to 70+* so now I am sick with major sinus pressure and sore, scratchy I am beginning to lose my voice. I can't wait till this move is over!

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