why the hell is it that poeple always have to get into the arguements i have with Rick?? all day long he sits in teh bedroom and most of the time he sleeps all day and half the night. well tonight he gets up and starts telling me to order pizza. well i was looking up places to order from and he kept on yelling to order. i told him if he didn't like where i was ordering from to call himself and he backed down. once dinner was delivered i thought he was going ot stay out in the living room with us to watch a show with us that i knew he liked. he went right back into teh bedroom and turned to what we were watching!! i started argueing with him and my brother butts in and sticks up for him. he of course claimed thta i was naggin ghim and maybe he was more comfortable on his back than in a recliner. that is total bullshit. he only goes in there because he doesn't want to have to pay attention to Aidan and see him how he really acts instead of the angel i brin gto bed every night. well just a little while ago Aidan was ready to brush his teeth. i told him to ask daddy to put toothpaste on his brush since i was online. well insert brother yet again. he tells me i should do it myself instead of asking Rick to do it even though Rick is still in the bedroom right next to teh bathroom. i told him that Rick shoul dget up off his ass and do something for his son since i do everything for him all day and night wether he is home or not. not to mention i am the only one that takes roscoe outside and feeds him. i basically give up on teh men in this house doing anything. we've been asking them to help us get rid of the broken fridge that has been sitting in the kitchen for almost a month. all it would take is one of them going down the street and asking a guy that hauls stuff to do it. did they?? nope i found the guy at the mailboxes yesterday and as soon and i can get teh $15 i'm calling him and getting it taken out. and we won't even get into them flipping the couch to get the shit that gets stuffed under it and putting the thing back together.  i'll just fix the vacuum myself too since neither one of them want to hlep around this house. can you guess that i've given up on the men in the house doing anything??

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