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Does your laundry detergent fade your clothes after several washes? Do you have an excess of lint in your dryer? If so, its because the detergent you're using has caustic chemicals that actually BURN the dirt and stains out of your clothes! In that process, some of the color comes out of your clothes - thus, fading. AND, in that fading process, the lint catcher in your dryer catches that as it blows about in the dryer -- thus excess lint!

What happens to the water from your washing machine after you wash your clothes? If you're using caustic chemicals to "clean" your clothes, all those nasty and harmful chemicals go out to the environment to pollute! I feel its my duty as a member of society and of our fragile Earth to do my daily chores with out harming others when I'm finished!

Thinking of those caustic chemicals found in MOST laundry detergents, would you want that stuff rubbing against your skin all day in your clothes? What about your children? You even breathe it in while you sleep at night b/c its all in your bed linens! Most laundry detergents don’t rinse out completely, leaving a residue of harmful chemicals on your clothes. I know my son as a baby (before I switched stores!) had a constant rash all over his body! I tried lotions, even talked to his Dr. about it and she couldn't figure it out! She had me trying all these supposedly "natural" or "dye free" or "concentrated" detergents and none helped him. When I switched stores, the rash went away overnight!! Our laundry detergent is actually safe!

The laundry detergent I use comes 6x concentrated -- that’s much more than the new 2x concentrated that the name brand detergents at Walmart or the grocery store started selling! Those only went to 2x concentrated because they had so much water in their products to fill it and the customers complained! I have trouble buying the "eco-friendly" line of products from these name brand products because they freely use bleach or phosphates in their products! How can they be "green" if they're putting such harmful chemicals in their products?? They just slap that label on their new products because its en vogue now to do so. My store has been truly Green for 24 years because its the right thing to do, not because its now a hot selling point.

Don't you want to shop from a store that truly cares about you, your safety and the health and safety of your family? A store that truly cares about the environment? And these days, I bet you want to save money anywhere you can, right? Well let me introduce you to a store that can help you in all these areas!!

Contact me at: makewellnesspay@yahoo.com or visit my website for some more details! www.SaferIsBetter.com/makewellnesspay

I look forward to Sharing GREEN with you! 

-Jessica Smith

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