Last night, while my husband and I were out on our Valentines day date.  My mom called to tell me that my two year old son (Jazzy)  nursed his favorite stuffed penguine!

Apparently, he got out the boppy and put it around him, then grabbed the penguin and put it to his chest (he was shirtless) in the nursing postion. 

A short time later, my four year old son found the penguin on the floor.  He promptly picked it up and handed it back to Jazzy and said, "Your baby penguin needs mommy milk." 

HAHAHAHAHAHA.  rolling on floor I love my boys! 

Do any of you have stories of your kids nursing their dolls? 

 It's funny, when my daughter was their age she nursed her dollies, but more often than that, she would bring me her dolls and ask me to nurse them for her

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Feb. 17, 2009 at 2:41 AM

That is so cute!  None of my boys nursed any toys, but a few times Elijah offered to help nurse Micah.  LOL!

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