Chidester, AR -- At a press conference Monday morning police and the FBI say they don't think 3-year-old Dominick Arcenuaux drowned. They are now focused on possible abduction and asking the community for help in the investigation.

Dominick Wesley Arceneaux

Age and/or DOB: 6/15/2005
Missing Date: 2/10/2009
Missing from City: Chidister
Missing from County: Ouachita
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 3 ft.
Weight: 38 lbs.
Hair: Short brown hair
Eyes: Brown
Complexion is described as: Dark
Last seen wearing blue jean shorts with red stiching on the pockets..

A Morgan Nick Amber Alert was issued for Dominick Wesley Arceneaux, 3, February 10th after the boy went missing near White Oak Lake west of Chidester.

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children is now part of the search. Divers searched White Oak Lake just feet from his home.

Investigators interviewed family members and even known sex offenders in the area and turned up nothing.

If you have any information please call the FBI at 1-800-call-FBI or 1-800-225-5324.

Volunteers help search

Dive teams are in the water in Ouachita County looking for a missing 3 year old boy.

A Morgan Nick Amber Alert was issued for Dominick Wesley Arceneaux Tuesday after his mother reported him missing from the backyard of their home.

Debbie Fields says it just comes natural.

"I just felt a need to come out and help. I have a three-year-old grandson and I pray that people would come and help me if he was lost."

That's exactly what she and her two nieces are doing, covering thick, rough ground terrain, looking for 3-year-old Dominick Arceneaux.

"You don't know what you're going to find, I've been doing a lot of praying and calling his name, nothing yet," Fields said.

Game and Fish dive teams are on scene searching White Oak Lake. The Ouachita County Sheriff's Department does not suspect foul play but kept crime scene tape up throughout the day, not ruling anything out.

"It's sad, especially the unknown, it's different if you have something to work with, but if you have nothing to work with, you don't know where to start," Sheriff David Norwood says.

"I would crawl to look for him, it just gets you when your baby is missing," Fields says.

Fields, joined by police and up to 70 volunteers will keep searching for little Dominick Arceneaux.

"We're praying that, I don't know, just bring him home safe," Fields says. "Somebody's going to find him, he's going to be alright, we're going to keep looking."

Dominick's mom, Amber, is with family at their home. Understandably too upset to talk about how she's holding up.
pleas pray for this little boy to be found safe, if you live in the area, please help find him, and above all, please pray for this mom who lost her angel
please vote popular for everyone to see this

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Feb. 16, 2009 at 4:15 PM

OMG, so many missing children lately I hope this little angel is found unharmed!

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