Well he was put on unpaid suspion until the 22nd of this month his parents paid our phone bill and my grandma chipped in and help pay our vechicle insurances and since we know he is going back to work i hope things will get a little better. But things aren't good with me. I was up at the hospital on the 7th with contractions and i have been having contractions off and on and i go to the dr today i am going to see if there is something he can give me to calm my nerves so i can relax and won't have little chris to early b/c i am only at 32 weeks tommrow will be 33 weeks and that is still to early that is about 6 weeks to early i am due april 12th and i am going to have him induce on the 2nd so i am not deliverying on easter. My oldest doesn't understand why daddy is home. we were going to try and move back in with his parents but i think it wouldn't be such a good idea b/c there are already 6 people in a 4 bedroom house so i probably go crazy b/c i wouldn't be able to just melow out. I have trouble carrying my 16month old around sometimes but i can't help it but it helps that she can walk and she thinks

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