Think back over the last twenty-four hours, and consider the things you did. If you had the chance, what would you do differently? Fortunately, you do have the chance, and it is now.

As you move forward through this day, you can apply all the lessons you have learned from all the places you have been.

If you recall some negative thinking or behavior in your past, now is your chance to move away from it. In the same way, there were also things that worked out well, and now is your opportunity to give more of your time and energy to them.

There is never any need to burden yourself with regrets. For you can always turn your negative past experiences into positive present insights and actions.

This moment right now is your opportunity to benefit from what you have learned in all the moments leading up to it. This moment right now is your opportunity to be the best you can be, because you are now more experienced than you have ever been.

Choose to transform that experience into wisdom, always looking for positive ways to do differently. And as each day goes by, your life will grow in richness, joy and fulfillment.


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Feb. 23, 2009 at 2:25 PM

That was great!  I would like to think I can live my life that way. 

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