I had been off birth control for 15 months, I had thought a couple of times before that I might be, bought a couple test, took them, Negitative, then within a week after taking the test I would start. So come the end of Aug. I decided that I was just going to wait, we got busy in Sept, so I didn't think about it, then at the beginging of October I wasn't feeling great and had just started working at a Daycare, So, I thought I had broncitics. Went to the Dr. on October 2, and did blood work and had me take a Preg test since I couldn't remember my last date of my "friend" and i had a hard time peeing in the cup, but was determind to do it, hubby laughed at me, cause before that hour I was coneslty in the bathroom peeing. So, we just waited until the doctor came into the room and asked me if i had a idea when my last was. Then she said that i was 8 to 12 weeks pregant, I was like "Are you serious?" Hubby almost fell out of the chair. We were very excited! We weren't trying or not trying, We had decided that we would leave it in God's hands. And now we are expecting a baby boy , Zachary in 9 weeks!!!

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Feb. 26, 2009 at 9:19 AM

Awww....congrats to you! I can't wait to see pics once he arrives:-)

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