My Friend called my today very upset.

She knew of this dude for over 10 years..

They never went out on a date but yet, they has feeling for each other..

She sent him an email and expressed her feeling towards him..

She was surprised when he emailed her back because she didnt think he would..

Surprisely, he email her back and said " I am glad to hear the fam is doing well.. Here is my number hit me up."

She text him just to say hello.

He texted her back and they had a convo by text until he called her.

She said she didnt answer the phone because she didnt hear it.

He then sent her a text and said "I just called you, you must be busy because you didnt answer."

She text him back and said she is about to go to bed.

He text her and said " bed without me hun?"

She text him back and said yeah my love but not for long

The text went back and forth for awhile..

The then text her and asked her could you send me a kiss goodnight..

She laugh the text... She texted him and said kiss kiss

later on that she said she texted him and said she couldnt sleep and she need him bedside her..

He said to do what.

At 3:ooam in the morning he called her.

He wanted to have phone sex but she said she didnt join in.

She asked him question like:

1) do you like me.. He said yes..

2) do you see you and I in a relationship in the near future.. He said yes

3) why ddint you ever ask me out... He said he dont know but he did have feelings for her..

4) They went on and on about their feeling towards one another..

finally she said he had an orgamism over the phone.

Two dayes later he text her and said that she is kool but he thnk the only think he see them as friends..

Now she is upset because she said she thought he finally liked her.

She texted him back and said she felt the same way.. That they sould only be friends. She also said if we were together the other day in person I believe we both would have done s/t we both would have regreted..

She say he didnt text her back..

Ladies what do you think about this...

Do you think he is into her and playing games? or he is not into her at all.

She is by bff... and I told her what I thought.

My opinion:

I think either he thought he was going to get quick sex...

Then I thought ok... if he didnt care.. why did he respond to her email after all these years...

why did he call her and got mad when she didnt answer the phone

Why did he ask her for a kiss over the phone and taking about his feelings.

Last why did he tell her he only see them as friends.. He must care because some guys wouldnt even say that..

I think that he is intrested in her.. But like some men he is scare of a relationship.. I believe he wants to take it slow and she expressed her self a little bit to much..

He told her I loved your email... It was very thoughful..

I rememvber him and they use to flurt all the time.. But, they never went out..

The way he looks at her is unbeliveable..

He always played games.. and he is 34.. He still playing games.

I dont know what else to think.

I think he is into her but... He want to play games since she put her heart on the table..

I need advice because she keep calling me asking me the same questions over and over again..

Ladies tell me what you think..

Do he like her or not 

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Feb. 27, 2009 at 6:30 PM

i think she ought to test him,i think she should date another guy and see his reaction,But if she dont know anyone else,i would ntknow what to say.i think she should just let him be. Make him think about her. Men like the chase.i almost think he is into her n playng games.i may be wrong.

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Feb. 27, 2009 at 6:55 PM

No, I don't think he's into her at all, he was just trying to get his rocks off. And since she e-mailed him, telling him about her feelings, she was an easy target. Just throw in a couple of cutesy text messages, pretend to have "feelings", and voila. He ends up calling her at 3am asking for phone sex, c'mon now. Isn't that obvious enough? Especially when he ended up having an orgasm. And right after that, surprise surprise, he "just wants to be friends". Which, by the way, is just the nice way of saying "I'm done with you".

So I would tell your friend to forget all about him and move on. He's obviously a dawg.

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