I hate kansas and i miss florida. I am so sick of not having friends and no one to hang out with. its frustrating and lonely. I love my husband but sometimes  it would be nice to go out and have dinner or movies with friends.

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Mar. 4, 2009 at 7:50 PM

Hi, I understand what you are going through. It can be hard moving to a new place and meeting people. We have been here a year in Nov, my husband deployed in Jan 08, and to top it off we had to live off post due to the waiting list. We just moved here to meade loop this past Nov, and my husband got home that same month. With it being so cold  and winter its harder meeting people, I think anyways. Anyway I have 5 boys, if you would like to get togeather sometime I am a stay at home mom, although all my kids are in school, I am pretty much free any time during gthe day. Talk to you soon:)

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