OK, so you think your morning sucked.  Listen to my morning...First of all my husband left to go to work at about 4:15 which is when my daughter woke up.  She was bothering the baby but I managed to keep him asleep.  I gave her her ADHD medication and a melatonin hoping that she would go back to sleep.  NOT!!  So I took her to the kitchen to feed her.  Nope, wouldn't eat.  So I went to get into the shower and of course she wanted to get in with me.  (I never get to shower alone!!)  Washed my hair, washed her hair, shaved, the whole bit and got out.  I go into her room to make sure I have all her clothes laid out then return to the bathroom where I smell a stench.  I open the shower door and see that she has pooped in the shower and tried to push it down the drain.  GREAT!  So I wash her off and clean the shower.  She still wants to stay in the shower, fine.  I Start to put my make up on.  Then I thought, I'll go and fix her some oatmeal and feed it to her while she's in the shower (we do this often).  So I'm alternating putting on my make up and feeding Gillian.  Then I hear Blake waking up so I go and give him a little boobie and he goes right back to sleep.  Well, when I get back into the bathroom she had taken the bowl of oatmeal off the counter and started eating it then dumped the remaining oatmeal in the shower and the drain is now stopped up.  WONDERFUL!!  I get her out of the shower and plop her up on the counter to dry her off.  I retrieve our often used Drain-O from under the sink and pour it in the drain of the shower.  Then she grabs my Dr Pepper and spills it all over the counter.  CRAP!!!  I swat her arm and fuss at her for spilling my drink, clean up the mess and continue to blow dry my hair and Gillian's hair at the same time.  Then after I get her all dry she stands up on the counter and is pointing at her belly and then the shower.  I have no idea what she's trying to say but I think it is "My tummy was hurting and I pooped in the shower".  Well, I was wrong, apparently that means, I have to pee b/c she then peed all over the bathroom counter.  AAAAHHHH!!!!  She looks all worried like I'm going to beat her but I assure her that it's ok.  Mommy didn't understand what she was saying.  It's OK, it's Mommy's fault that I didn't understand.  SO I clean her up and clean up my bathroom counter and take her to her room to get dressed and a pull up on.  Then I sit her down in her chair to eat breakfast.  She eats a little and starts falling asleep.  ALL OF THIS IS BEFORE 6 AM!!  I think I have the patience of Jobe!  I just tell myself that she can't help the way she is and that I love her no matter what. 

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Mar. 6, 2009 at 11:01 AM

Awww!! I am glad you came here to vent! God Will not give you more than you can handle! All of this will make you stronger! Love you!!!

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Mar. 6, 2009 at 11:05 AM

I am guessing from your description of events, your daughter is on the spectrum. I have had mornings similar to this. Justa word of advice, IDK if it will help for the next time she gets up that early or not, but my son doc said that melatonin and ADHD meds often counter act each other so giving them together is futile. Neither med will do the job it is supposed to. I hope the rest of your day goes much smoother.

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Mar. 6, 2009 at 11:20 AM

wow!!! I'm sorry your morning was so "eventful" for lack of a better word... I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly, and when your husband gets home, lock yourself ALONE in the bathroom and take a 20 minutes shower!! You deserve it

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Mar. 6, 2009 at 3:41 PM

Woah, No wonder why Gary asked if you talked to 'Lori May', LOL.  Calm down hun, it'll give us something to talk about on our ride home, haha.  Hope things get better and that your weekend goes smooth.  Call me if you want, hubby is on night shift so ring the cell phone.

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Mar. 19, 2009 at 6:46 AM

Oh wow, and you are still coherent enough to type all that in a journal?  I bow to you!   You are an amazing mom!  Because I'd have fallen apart....   (many days I did fall apart!)  You are so strong!   Thanks for sharing your days with us!   Your patience is inspiring.   We're here for you!   I just want to say how lucky your children are to have you for a mom, Even on the poopiest of days!

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