I had a Dr's appt on 2-3-09 to check on how the baby was he said the baby is doing good the Dr said how about we induce on Thursday at noon if I didn't go into labor before then we said ok. We were so happy we were going to meet baby Tyler Thursday. So we told my mom that they were inducingme on Thursday she said cool. So on comes Thursday we get to the hospital at a little before noon I we get checked in they started an IV on me they didn't start the Pitocin until 2:00pm a few hours after they started the Pitocin Tyler's heart rate dropped so they had to stop it until my Dr got there to see if everything was ok. It was so they started it again and he was fine after that. I was dilated to a 3 the contractions were coming closer so I get the epidural witch was pointless because I could still feel the contractions. I was on an all liquid diet yummy not. A Little bit later I was having really bad cramping it was so bad I was in tears so my mom got the nurse and they checked me and my bladder was so full I over fulled the bag when they emptied my bladder. They the contractions were coming 1 second apart so they checked me again and I was 10. So they got my Dr and he got ready and told me to start pushing it took 3 contractions 3 pushes each contraction at 9:00 pm Tyler was born he weighed 6lbs 12ozs and was 20 inches long.  When he came out and cried his first cry I lost it and started crying that was my baby and he was ok. I was so worried that there would be something wrong with him because I had a dream there was. A few hours later the epidural was wearing off and I was having pain in my tail bone so I got some meds and it helped a little bit. So I was ok. The next day my husband had to go home so he could get some sleep because he had to work that night, so I was by myself for a few hours I cried because I missed him and didn't want him to go but he had to or he wouldget points and he didn't have anymore vac days and we needed the money. My mom got there with the other 3 so they could see there new baby brother they stayed a few hours then my mom takes them back to her house and she came back to see me and the baby. A few hours later my tail bone was hurting really bad and I asked if I could get something for the pain and they gave me percocet like an hour or 2 later I started feeling dizzy and sick so my mom was going to leave at 11:00pm but with me feeling like that she stayed untilI felt better after they gave me something that went under my tounge that was nasty then around 2:00am I felt a litte better so she went home. I got to go home on Saturday. Then that night it was me my husband and the baby home my mom kept the kids for a few days anyway that night I was baking some shrimp in our toaster oven and my husband asks what's that smell I said it's the toaster oven I gave the baby to him and went in the kitchen to check it because it was smoking the toater oven was on fire so I tell him that and I grab the baby and I went to our room it wasn't that bad he got it out but it was very smoky so I stayed back there until it was clear. Everyone is fine no one got hurt.

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