Received today By UPS!! what a rush I'm so excited and glad my little one is sleeping so I can open it right away.. 

Lovely silver and black colors with red hoover logo  easy assembly. Seeing how I do not have a vacuum the Hoover is wonderful I have been using a broom on my rug and tiled floors, So I'm excited to receive a vacuum. I'm currently charging the battery.

I have one Battery charger and the Hoover Stick Vac. the filter is removable and washable with water only and let air dry  (woo hoo) has a dirt cup so no bags their!! and their are 2 buttons one for suction and the other for the brushes, so they don't have ot be on all the time..... it is easy to take apart and put back togethor.

The Handle reaches a height of my cheats when up right and tilted it is just right for me to use to vacuum.. you can replace the filter  .. all the other parts are removable and replaceable the nozzle or what I call the part of the Vacuum that sucks the dirt and food particles up has a raised spot in the center that looks to be able to pick up larger food praticals  like cereal or maybe even pebbles..... 

Those of you who are reading check back in about a week for updates on how well it cleans!! and how long the battery charges and how long it last before going dead!


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Apr. 8, 2009 at 7:08 PM

I am looking forward to your review :-) We have all hardwood, and I am interested to hear how it works on your smooth floors.

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