Everytime these two are within a million feet of eachother they are having some sort of argument. Every weekend my mother volunteers me to watch my nephew for my ungrateful sister. Its not like i have things to do I just dont want him around my 3 month old son, my nephew is very violent, he takes karate and thinks he can hit anything. Most of the weekend consists of my mom dragging all of us, my nephew, me and my son around southern california for some reason or the other. Neither of the boys likes being in the car let alone going to a toy store and being told no. Since my nephew was a little baby my mother spoiled him getting him a toy everytime they went out but when he turned 5 she decided that she wouldn't do that anymore but she decided not to tell him or let him down slowly she just stopped cold turkey. So now he gets mad everytime she says no and she yells at me everytime i try to tell him why. and this makes him mad and since he cant hit my mom or me he hits my son which then requires me to scold him. I want to keep the 3 of them far far away from eachother but it never seems to happen. My mom and my nephew fight every weekend. I would leave but I cant go anywhere until my husband gets back from his 4 month deployment; i promised i would stay down here while he was gone and two weeks into i am already starting to regret that. I want to go back to Washington.

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