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With today's economy many people have been searching for their Pot Of Gold.  They have been looking for a way to supplement their income, replace their income or a way to get back on their feet after an unexpected lay-off.
AmeriPlan® has been around since 1992 offering help to millions of people.  We have been helping people save money on their health care and we help people just like you make money from home.


With today's scarce jobs and lack of benefits we are in high demand.  Did you know that young adults age 19 thru 29 are the largest group of uninsured Americans says today?  We are here to step in and offer them help.


With AmeriPlan® you can earn a great income while receiving our wonderful benefits for you and your family.


Now we don't have a 'pot of gold' to hand you but we do have something much better!  We have something that with a little work, consistent effort and dedication will help you achieve your financial goals while earning lifetime residual income.


And the BEST part is we just made it easier for you to begin your business and get off to a FAST START.  We have just launched our E-Kit start up and for less than a cup of coffee a day you can own a home based business with AmeriPlan® and start building for your future. 


For just $1.66 a DAY you can begin finding your 'Pot of Gold' while helping others save money on their health care or those who want to work from home.


Our E-Kit

Get started
Our E-kit gets you access to the tools you want right away!

You will have access to our online tools immediately, including applications, brochures and websites to get your business going the same day.

Access to our training and support is also accessible instantly when you get started with our team.  This training is one of the main reasons our team is the fastest growing team within the company.

Do you want listen in on some of the training we provide to help people reach success?

Visit our training schedule and get on one of our daily calls: www.TrainingInvite.com

Visit my website and learn more: www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/SandyWright

If you have questions about our company, what we do and how we are paid please contact me for more information as I'm happy to answer any questions you might have:

Email:  sandywright@ameriplan.net
Phone: (208)467-1337
Ameriplan ~ 17 Year Old Company

Our Company Offers:

* Daily Pay
* Family Benefits
* 401k, Direct Deposit (restrictions apply)
* Marketing Websites
* Support and Training
* PT/FT Opportunities
* Enhanced Compensation and Bonus Programs


For less than a family dinner out, you can get your Health Benefits Home Business for ONLY $50.00 (or $1.66 a day!) with our NEW E-Kit!


Get started today by visiting www.IBOPLUS.com/sandywright and click on "Get Started Today." 



Sandy Wright

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