Hey everyone, this is just a notice...

I started a Group here on Cafemom, called FACS, the group is based on a website and organization that my friend has started to promote awarness and encourage action against Child Snatching via CPS. I want to encourage everyone to check out the group and join and pass the information along to your friends as well. All the information you really need to know is on the website: http://www.facss.net

Please check out the site and help take a stand against this kind of action.

*It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with the idea of Foster Parents and CPS, what is wrong is that people use this concept of becoming Foster Parents, not for the purpose of helping famlies and children, but to adopt children in a faster and less expensive way. CPS workers get bonuses if they adopt out...usually the kids who are adopted out are ones who come from good homes even if they are low income. So please don't misunderstand this post or what this group and website is all about.

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