No one can go through life and not learn that lesson. Liars lie because they either don't want everyone to know what they really are or what they're really doing. Cheaters cheat because some switch has been flicked in their brain and makes them think that women (or men) are just things to them. Conquests. Notches on their bed posts or in their belts. People, to cheaters, have no feelings and aren't entitled to any.  Thieves steal, well, because, that switch in their brain believes that they are entitled to whatever it is that they want but have no means of possessing legally. Things are just a way to advance themselves in society, or fulfill that childhood longing for what momma didn't give them. But with thieves, just as with liars, people are disposable; put there to be used by the thief so that the thief can acquire their heart's desire.

But really, when you look underneath the surface, you can see a common thread between people who lie, cheat and steal. That common thread is lies. All of these begin with lies and end with lies. The cheater must lie in order to cover his/her tracks and not get caught. What's the thrill of cheating if you get caught? Because, of course, the purpose, really, behind cheating is to do so in a way that is challenging; in a way that gives the cheater advantage and an adrenaline high so that the cheater can get what they want (whether that be a little woman/man at home and some strange on the side, cons that others believe...), whatever that may be. So, the cheater must start with a lie. That lie soon turns into more lies. Pretty soon, the cheater has created an entirely different life than the one in which they truly live.

The thief, conversely, must also lie to obtain that which they desire. Their purpose is to possess something that was not only not theirs to possess, but to do so in a way that allows them to, figuratively, have their cake and eat it too. They can have that pretty diamond bracelet without forking over the money while still maintaining the friendship with the one from whom they stole. They can leave work early, robbing their employer of time, or call into work "sick" when they're not.... all the while maintaining that job and the income it provides. They can make children and walk away without a backward glance or only help to support that child if they're made to... and then make everyone associated with the thief believe that they've more than met the obligation to their child. But, the thief, just like the cheater, must lie in order to do so.

So, what, really, is behind the lies? As I said earlier, there are usually two reasons why a liar lies; they either don't want some to know what they're really doing, or they're covering up what they've already done. So, really, liars, cheaters, and theifs are cut from the same cloth. If a person lies to you, why wouldn't they steal from you or cheat you? Theives are liars. Cheaters are liars. Liars are liars. So, why don't we dispense with the psydonyms and call these people what they are: LIARS.

Now, liars are usually good at what they do. They spin their web of deceit and discord over every person in their lives. They do or say something for which they must lie in order to avoid the consequences of that action. Once started, the liar cannot simply tell the truth. No. The liar must then tell lie on top of lie on top of lie because the reason for the original lie is still valid- at least to them. They don't want to get caught doing or being something other than what they made themselves out to be. The consequences, some of which could include the loss of income, tax returns, driver's licenses, freedoms, people, and position, are far bigger than the liar can bare to face. They fight it tooth and nail, so they must carefully cover each and every lie told to maintain the original lie. It must be totally exhausting. Which, really, explains why liars become enraged, pissed off, resentful, and bitter towards those who catch them in their lies. Once caught, they must either lie again (even more convincingly this time), accept the consequences, or blame the person who caught them for the actions that can only be credited exclusively to the liar. Either way it goes, the liar is left looking like what he or she is: a liar, a person that no one believes. Left without someone to believe them, the liar must then do what they feared most to begin with... face the consequences of the actions or words that they originally lied about to cover their own tails. Does anyone other than I see a pattern emerging here?

So, this brings a strong question into mind... How do you deal with liars? Really my friends, it's easy. You sit back and let them do what they do best. And while you're sitting back, watching them weave that web of lies, deceit and destruction into their own lives, you take careful notes. You record conversations. You keep phone records, receipts, invoices, and your sense of doubt about any and everything that they tell you or anyone else. And then... you just wait. That's right. You wait. Because lies leave a residue in the life of the liar and the one's to whom the liar has practiced his or her art on. Eventually, the liar is going to run across someone or something that cannot be persuaded or pacified. Eventually, they will run across something that cannot be lied to. Once that happens, here comes the consequences. But watch out, because with the consequences comes the rage at being caught in those lies.

When that happens, and oh, it will- it always does- you have your phone conversations, your phone records, your receipts, and anything else you've collected. With those carefully kept records, you can then, finally at LAST, confront the liar and expose all of who and what he or she is... and what they are not. And then you get the satisfaction of watching that web that the liar has been weaving around him or herself tie the liar up in such a way that they'll never be able to regain the ground they've just lost. Here is when you can laugh, because the liar, the cheater, the thief, has just gotten exactly what they deserve... and no one that matters will every trust them again. 

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Mar. 25, 2009 at 12:59 PM

That is so true,

some liars dont have perfect memories, a good liar needs a perfect memory to remeber what lies they have told & to whom,

all liars are caught sooner or later,

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