I truly believe the new administration in our country is leaning toward socialist ideologies. They're acutely aware Americans on both sides are very uneasy about socialism so a social democracy is the best way to create a peaceful transition.  Americans at heart understand and treasure true freedom and liberty to much to conform willingly to a socialist form of government. 

I see the wheels of a social democracy spinning with our new President.  In a social democracy the Government keeps democratic principles while creating a welfare state.   FDR started this trend and was able to because of economic hardship.  Instead of having a true democracy where each person was required to care for themselves and felt a moral responsiblity to do so; fear and hardship allowed the Federal Government  to step in an aide those they deemed as worthy or unable to aide themselves.  Today this mentality is once againseen for what it is and is not so popular with the populous. So these policies are now touted as a right by  politicians while using age old tactics like tugging at our heart strings and compassion as reasons to have more welfare programs. For example: We have a right to Health care but we have no obligation to pay for Health insurance personally because doing so is evil because it hurts the poor?!? (Think this all the way through).  Insurance is now seen as something the government must provide for the welfare of it's citizens. These word games enable a must needed win in order to create a social democracy.  You have to change logical thinking into emotional reactions, only!

To create a welfare state and a true social democracy the government must raise revenue.  The best way to raise revenue is to implement a progressive tax code. However in a capitalist society, like America, the citizens are leery of taxes and not found of paying for the stuff they do not personally benefit from.  The middle class suffers the most and feels the pain of paying for our current welfare programs but at the same time is not seen as worthy enough to receive aide from the programs. Just worthy enough to pay for them! Thus if you want to create a social democracy you must raise revenue while at the same time lessening the load on the middle class. If you do this only the upper 25% of Americans feel the burden  of adding new welfare programs to the dole while the lower 75% sees the direct rewards of such a system and becomes dependent on the Government for welfare.  This dependency by the middle and lower class now opens the door for the needed progressive tax code it takes to maintain a welfare state. The dependency of the citizens allows the Government to now tax the middle class by creating a fear that if we do not they, the middle class, will lose their "rights"  or these social programs. 

Right now we are in a time that creates an open door and a dilemma for this agenda.  In order to truly raise revenue you must also grow the GDP.  The fear of a bad economy helps ensure a peaceful conversion to more social programs but it also hinders the agenda by limiting the amount of  revenues the government can tap into.  Remember in order to ensure a peaceful transition you must keep the majority of the citizens on your side.  You can't do that if the programs fail for lack of funding or you go all out and tax everyone to oblivion to pay for them.  No one will want them if the true cost is shown and the pain and burden is felt by all without forming a dependency on them first.

You have to maintain a level of fear over the economy while appearing to have confidence in the markets in order to ensure you will have enough revenue to tax.  At the same time you need the fear in order to keep the people with you by being thier hero in hard times. You do this by lining the middle class pockets and giving them more stuff for "free".   Doing this is very tricky because if the people regain to much confidence in the market and begin to prosper once more they no longer see a need for these programs and are less likely to form a dependence on  welfare programs.   Thus eliminating your entire agenda of creating a social democracy.  Simply by having to much confidence you could create a healthyeconomy and a healthy American psyche.  Then no peaceful transition to a social democracy is likely to occur because to change a prosperous society you must have hardship, fear, and uncertainty!  

When Americans believe America is great no one wants to change it anymore!

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Mar. 18, 2009 at 4:16 PM

This is great! Scary, but very well written. You speak the truth here mama.

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Mar. 23, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Thank you!

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Mar. 23, 2009 at 11:49 AM

Great post, I must say right now I fear for our country, but not as much as I fear for these people that cannot see through "That One".  I have to say that the state run school system has done their job very effectively.

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Mar. 23, 2009 at 5:57 PM

Good post.People need to wake up.I am sure there are some who would love for this to happen as much as that baffles me ..I do not believe most want that...I truely hope not.

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Mar. 23, 2009 at 6:03 PM

Honestly, give it up already. Obama is not a socialist, nor is he looking to turn this in a socialist country. And  honestly, I really don't think you have a firm understanding of what a socialist society really means, plus your "logic" in this post is so off key, I wouldn't even know where to start correcting it.

The usual scare tactic rhetoric spouted by the right wingers, booooring!

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Mar. 23, 2009 at 6:05 PM

Oh, and candlegal, I was NOT raised in this "state run school system", I was raised in a state run school system FAR superior to that of the US. And get this, that government even paid me to go to a university! Of course, over there, only the people who are actually smart enough go to universities, and free rides because you know how to play football or basketball don't exist... But yeah, BAD socialist country, BAD!

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Mar. 24, 2009 at 9:27 AM


If you examine what Obama is doing then you have to admit that his ideologies are very progressive and liberal. Is he a socialist? I don't honestly know. What I do know  is I do not agree with his agenda which attempts to make this country a social democracy.  The point of this post is to point out the difference between a true sociclaist state and a social democracy.  

I have lived in many places, the UK for the longest, and that is one of the reasons I see his similar policies as a bad idea. I find it amusing that we want to take the experiment of America, which is a success, and deem it a failure in order to be more like the places from which our Ancestors left in search of something better.  We don't want to remain an example of Liberty; we just want to go back to the "norm" and conform.   What has this achieved for any other Country?  Their is a reason foreigners flock to our country in masses. Maybe they see what we have and appreciate the chance to have true Liberty and freedom.

I'm not suprised you don't agree with my "logic" because on posts like these you never seem to understand the other side.   We obvouisly see the world and our country differently.  Saying so isn't rhetoric or fear tactics.  Civil discussion is a must.  I don't understand why some are so bothered by others thinking freely! 

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