Today I took off work, as did C, to go to YAKsplat, Oklahoma for a funeral.  C's uncle had passed.  The Goblin went with, and he was absolutely stellar, being that he is one month shy of 2 and thinks he is 15 and all.. He lasted 15 minutes into the service, but being that he was an angel during lunch ( provided by the Church Ladies, and no joke the most perfect fried chicken I have ever had ) and 4 million new relatives smootching on him, that was okay.  We made a graceful exit mid- sermon and played in the rectory.  He was playing "I am a doggie" and Mommy was playing " Holy Crap I this is a beating and what was I thinking bringing a 2 year old to a funeral but he looks so cute in his suit but he rolling around on this dirty floor like a madman" when the service ended and it was time to go to the gravesite.  He're's the cool part..
 I was herding G down a long hallway, back to the door, when one of the Church Ladies (of the fried chicken, which merits much respect. It was that good) stops me- She was about 70, perhaps?  Older, even by my pushing-40 standards..and she said these magic words..
" I love your shoes. They really take me back to when I was young and wore that style all the time! "
 For shoe goddesses like me, I was wearing Steve Madden black leather peep-toe pumps with a platform and ankle strap, thick but high sculpted heel.  I love those shoes- vintage but fun, and comfortably wearable.I thought they offset my Neo-Amish gray funeral dress nicely.
I thanked her profusely, and tried to roll up G in a more managable ball.  She went on her way, and I went on mine, coralling my Goblin and hoping he didn't cop a poop squat right in the middle of all my new relatives. (Umm.. that happened later, but we were safely concealed by the hearse at the graveyard)
I really like that my shoes brought someone back to their days... I am wearing that style, she wore that was a Shoe Queen connection, and it makes me smile.
Advice, though?
Not quite 2 is alot of work at a funeral.

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