I have been so close and yet so far from completing my post secondary education. I was just looking for it in the wrong places. I am enrolling in a Bachelors of Science Liberal studies program which should give me the flexibility and versitility to go many different places. Before I was never quite sure what I wanted and so I got nowhere, but now I have decided to get a very general degree so I can either get a better job, move up within the library, or continue to get my Masters which would be KICKASS.

I may go mad in the next two years, but I really need to jump start my life a bit. That and the FA assistance is extrememly helpful. So I may need to adjust my schedule *work and life* and beg relatives to be willing to watch Kira while I am either working or going to school.

I can also defer payments on my other loans till I finish this. Which sounds super to me. Must go and get little one to bed. Hopefully Will and I can get some Diablo II in before we have to crash.

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