This is a question that I have been asking myself quite often lately. It seems that ever since the divorce my ex-husband has been doing nothing but bitching at me about the kids. Just before the divorce was final I met someone and he is great! He treats me like a queen. He respects me and cares about how I feel. He treats my kids as if they were his own. I really like this guy and really hope things work between us. 

Well my daughter has always been a daddy's girl. And even before I met Adam, when she would get mad at me she would tell me she wanted to go live with her dad. Well now she is staying with him and it seems like she hates me. When I call her she does'nt want to talk to me. Or her dad says shes not home then he doesnt tell her that I called. Then when I do get her on the phone she yells at me about why i didnt call her.

Then on the weekends that he has the boys he is forever calling me and bitching about something the kids said. And its always about something thats stupid. And a few times its been about something that the kids told him and it turned out that they lied to him. For example, Will told his dad that I didn't give him his medicine when in fact I did. 

But the thing that hurt me most happened today. My ex called and said that the boys wanted to come home. It was only noon. I was at Adams and told him to bring the boys here but he said no. Well then he proceded to call me a bad mom and tell me that I dont care about my kids and that I dont want them. That is so far from the truth. But when he keeps telling me that it makes me start to wonder about myself. I hate him more and more every day. I am to the point that I just don't wanna deal with him anymore. But I don't know what to do........ Any suggestions?????

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Mar. 22, 2009 at 4:23 PM

oh honey!! i hate to suggest that your ex might be doing that whole alienation of affection thing and turning the kids against you to get at you. maybe you could suggest family therapy with HIM involved. seriously. tell him you are concerned about the kids. dont say anything about HIS behaviour. just say you think the kids need some help to get through all this right now.

another suggestion, but i hate to make this one. keep your man you are with now seperate from your life at home. if the kids ar ehome, any of them. dont bring him home. the thing is that your kids need time to really adjust to this whole thing and it might take longer than you think. i am not saying dont see your man. just keep your relationship with HIM seperate from the one with your children. till they have fully adjusted to the divorce as much as possible.


more than likely your ex is trying to manipulate you in to feeling like a bad mom. just cause HE feels bad. Dont let him rent space in your head honey. get some family therapy to help everyone adjust is my best advice. let a therapist tell your Ex he is an ASS

 i am ever so sorry you are going through all this. you deserve some happiness.

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Mar. 22, 2009 at 4:28 PM

Sorry for your pain and sorrow. I pray God put a healing touch on your hearts . I pray God put a hedge of protection around you and your children . I pray he encamp the angels around you all and help you through this. I don't know what advice to give you . For this I am sorry . I do know God knows all and he watches over us. Ask him for help  makes the difference for me. I always find it helps no matter what is happening ,when I ask my friends to pray for me and mine. I truley hope all gose better for you.  

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