He's been sick ALL month long.  He had pink eye and a virus, which meant a trip to his oncologist for labs, cultures and IV antibiotics.  We did his pink eye drops for a week, and the day after we stopped, he got pink eye again, along with a fever.  Back to his oncologists again, this time he also has pneumonia.  Just stinks he's so sick right before his 2 yr 're-birthday' (2 yrs since his bone marrow transplant).  Hopefully he'll get better before our big week next week!  March 29th will be his 2 yr remission day, so we're celebrating by going to Sea World for the day, then down to the coast to spend 2 days on the beach.  Then on the 3rd, we have the Little Heroes Prom, for kids with cancer.  Busy week, so feel better Will!

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Mar. 24, 2009 at 12:34 AM

awe poor little guy i hope he gets better soon

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