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A few months ago my son Cale came to us wanting some money to purchase some books.  I thought about just giving him the money and letting him have the books, after all books are never bad to have around, but instead Garr and I decided to create a way for him to make the money himself.  We made up a simple chore chart with things like feeding his rabbit, taking out the trash, getting ready for school, making his lunch, and dusting.  To our pleasant surprise he loves the chore chart and loves the opportunity to earn some money.

Each week he is paid for the chores he has completed.  He must give 10% to a tithe, half for savings, and half he gets to spend however he wants.  I asked him what he thought he might want to save up for and he has decided he wants to take the whole family out to dinner with his hard earned money, that made me very proud of him. 

Cale is very proud of his chore chart and all that he accomplishes.  He has even gone to school telling his fellow students all about it.  The boy we car pool with, on the way home told Cale that he was going to get his mom to make him a chore chart.  Cale told me later that another little girl in his class told her mom that she needed a chore chart too.  Its neat that he was able to start a positive trend with his classmates. 

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Mar. 24, 2009 at 12:46 PM

that's great!  My kids love their chore charts and all we do is put a check next to their chore when they've done it.  Kids love recognition.

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Mar. 24, 2009 at 1:49 PM

Wow what a thoughful little boy! Thats great! We started a "mommie helper" chart and the boys LOVE it! I think its good to start early so it just comes natural to them as they grow older!

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Mar. 24, 2009 at 4:27 PM

can i see it? no seriously. my son LOVES to help around the house but i give him random things to do instead of organizing all the things he can do with an incentive. i bet  i wont have to ask him for help with anything. if ya don't mind taking a pic of it or sending one along that looks like yours i'd appreciate it. :)

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