I so long for another child. but my health is keeping me from my hearts desire. My health has pretty much always been shot having several illnesses back to back. I am happy to have one beautiful four year old and I dont want to be selfish. I know a lot of women cant even have one but I really want another one. Doctors told me that I probably couldn't. They were going to send me to a specialist but they found something and are watching to see if it becomes cancer. I also have health issues which cause extreme pain with my ovaries and uterus. They said that I could get a hysterectomy but i decided to deal with the pain in order to keep my chances of another one. If it turns out to be cancer then I will need a hysterectomy. I am only 24. The doctors will no longer send me to the specialist to help with all my health issues right now. I have several friends who have recently announced pregnancies to me, several being 17 and I am so happy for them but each time has been like a arrow through my heart. I am scared and sad.

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