I don't care what party you affiliate yourself with I don't see how anyone can support the debt this budget will create.  I just don't get it! We are in bad economic times and we have no idea when this mess will clear.  We haven't even solved the problems that created this mess yet! So why are we going to take on  a bunch of new debt to try and solve every other issue in this country?  What's wrong with sorting out this economic mess, balancing are budget now, deciding what we are going to do with the Guantanamo prisoners, Iraq and Afghaninstan first.  Get the plans under way and working for the big issues  then start with education, health care, and energy. Heck if we did that in a year or two we would probably be able to pay for all this other stuff without increasing the already massive debt.  Isn't that the way the rest of us have to live?

Obviously all those issues are important but we have to prioritize. If we just throw money at these issues that doesn't solve the underlining problems. They all need updating and structural change. That takes more than money it takes time and planning.  It also takes a sound economy and  stability to support them.

The reason the economic problem isn't solved seems simple to the average American, we never solved the mortgage crisis. We just threw a bunch of money at the banks and AIG and hoped that would do. Now that we all see the wasted money because their was no plan the Politicians can't point fingers fast enough.  Heck their even willing to go after the poor guy who is working for a buck a year at AIG who came in after the government ask to him to try to fix it. Two months later and the sea hasn't parted and their all over him because they didn't make a plan or do anything to stop these bonuses when they agreed to give them our money. It's his fault that Dodd tied his hands with legislation that said he had to give the employees these bonuses?

This is what scares me about this budget. We are going to give more money and power to bureaucrats whoseanswer always seems to be throw more money at it and let someone else sort out the details. Then when money isn't the solution and the real problems are uncovered blame the people!  That's essentially what their doing to the states with this stimulus money.  Sure they have said a few ways you can't spend it and"by the way the money runs out in a year and your on your on".   That just delays the inevitable for states like California!  That's like offering someone a hand up and just as they get on their feet you drop them!

This is exactly what will happen with this budget. More programs that still don't work, now they just cost more.  Then we the people will be forced to pay for all the mistakes.  The new tax overhaul should prove to us that we are going to be on the hook for all of this very soon. It won't be just the top 5-25% anymore they're going to find ways to force each of us to pay more.  We should know that already since Obama already announced  plans and ideas that would remove tax credits even charge vets for VA care.  It doesn't matter if they passed or not it shows he has to find ways to bring money into the system and fast in order to pay for this stuff.

Even China is doubting us?  If that happens we are truly screwed because if the Government can't borrow more money they have to start taking more.  It's not about politics it's just fact!  One way or another all this debt has to be paid back and last time I checked the Government didn't have a product to sell.  We the people are the budget!

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