I always used to think how easy stay at home moms had it. You don't have to get up and deal with people at work. You get to be around your kids all day long. If you want to stay in your pjs all day long you can who cares what your hair looks like. It would be so easy to keep the house clean cause you can just pick up as you go. HA!! Who knew someone could be so wrong and unfortunately most of society has the same misconceptions. I now realize that your kids can kind of drive you up the wall and all those people you deal with at work well at least it is adult conversation, not you talking and someone blowing raspberries at you. You pretty much need to stay in your PJS cause you really don't have time to change and if you do the odds of getting spit up on it increase. Your hair looks like that cause chasing after a baby really doesn't allow time to look in the mirror for you to realize what it looks like. And as far as cleaning up it feels like as soon as you get one room clean and ready to go you move to the next and then the baby cries and you have to go back to them then you forget what you are doing then when you get the baby settled somehow the mess has increased while you were bring things out trying to appease the child so you put it off til the end of the night when the baby is asleep or during their naps so by the time you can finally relax and have a good minute to yourself you see the clock and know that it is time for you to go to sleep cause that child will be up in a few hours and you need to start this crazy process all over again.

So on behalf of myself and all those women like me never and I mean NEVER take the stay at home mom for granted

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Mar. 27, 2009 at 11:06 PM

  Thanks! A friend of mine and I were just having a conversation this morning about how under appreciated us stay at home moms are. Thanks for the post!

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