Ok well as many of you know I have a HUGE stockpile or just about everything and anything you would need. Well since Marrion won his preliminary competition for his pageant and we need to raise money for his state fee's, I'm raffling off a huge stockpile basket. I will be selling tickets for 3 dollars each or 2 for 5. The basket will contain:

4 packs of diapers (size of your choice)

4 large packs of wipes (200 wipes per pack)

4 bottles of body wash

4 bottles of Loreal Creams (a full line)

4 scented cadles

2 Glade sense and spray automatic air fresheners

4 bottles of Huggies lotion and bodywash

4 bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner (product of choice between herbal essence, pantene, head n  shoulders, garnier etc.)

4- 4packs of toilet paper

and any other 4 stockpile items of choice (ex. razors, bar soap, air fresheners, styling products)

and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped support Marrion become the next little king of Florida :)

This lots retail value is over 150.00 , Please help support Marrion in his quest.

The raffle will go on from now until April 18th.

*Also selling various stockpile items for 2 dollars a piece and accepting donations as well thanks for looking

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Apr. 5, 2009 at 8:12 PM

just wondering how is it going so far

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