I have had a lot of complicated tings happen to me recently I found out I was pregnant again i found out the day I went to get my depo shot and doc said you cant have eny Right now u are pregnant so i was a little upset yo know my littlest one is on 7 months old and then here comes the ultrasound and another surprise i was 15 weeks prego i was so confused how to take care of 4 babies under 6 I am dad beat tiered and then one early morning very bad pain in my stomach i went in and found out I have gallstones so i get my pain meds and get a lecture about the stress of having so many babies and my weight is always an issue to everyone especially my doctors but 2weeks later I get a gush of water coming down my leg thinking I have just went to the bathroom on my self i go clean myself up not thinking anything about it the next morning bad cramps so I walk around and feel sick going to bathroom  to throw up and feel like something is coming out sitting on the toilet and a baby foot comes out that was the scariest
thing then comes the ambulance and in the hospital I had my son he was not breathing I couldn't breath and everyone was telling me to calm down but that was not happening they took him away and i was not done I still had to deliver my placenta and i had no medication i was losing blood so fast then i just asked for the DNC and then I went to surgery and went to sleep woke up and saw my husband.
 The whole thing was just so unreal I spent 2 1/2 days begging to go home to my babies so after 2 litters of blood i can go home and start to get back to my life it has been very hard to not just breakdown and give up on my life but it willbe OK soon now we are trying to bury him i pray we can get all of the money to bury him god will be here for us.   

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Mar. 29, 2009 at 6:13 PM

Sorry for your loss....Hope things get better for you, and you will have the money you need!!

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Mar. 31, 2009 at 7:01 PM

Wow, I could barely read this.

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