Life is so hard... I wake up at 7am to my mommy's smiling face.  Then I go and play while she makes me a big breakfast. Then I have to play some more this time by myself so she can clean up (GOSH) After I throw a hissy fit just to get my first one of the day out. I take an hour nap. Once I decide I want to get up I make sure Imake a surprise for my mommy in my diaper. Everyday its a different color and smell that keeps her on her toes. If all of that wasn't work enough I have like 3 more bottles some fruit and at least two more naps throughout the day. Can you believe I have to get upset sometimes for my parents to get my bottle at the speed I want it? So after I make my mommy bounce me from toy to toy and hold me for awhile I eat dinner and then I have to get a bath get oiled up someone dresses me. THEN I have to play while she cleans that room up (all she ever does is clean up doesn't she know my time is more important) The only good part of the day is around 8pm when my mommy holds me and rocks me to sleep but even then I try to throw a fit in there every now and then just so she knows I am getting to be a big boy and can go to bed when I want to.

And I did I tell you that every few days she takes me out on walks or to the store where I have to get wheeled around and just when I get tired and want to take my nap she moves me back to the car. It is so inconsiderate. Its not just her though. I get so mad when I get on my tummy and the toy I want to play with is just out of reach or my pacifier falls out I have to cry someone needs to know I am mad. Plus speaking of mad what is with all the goo goo gah gah stuff I mean I laugh but that is cause these people are crazy and I am laughing at them.

Anyway the point of this whole thing is life is hard for a 6month old baby I hope it gets easier the older I get

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