I think true role models are people that can live their life the way it needs to be led. With Good morals. I believe Role Models are people thats right in front of us. Someone who can lead the way. Someone who can show others how to really live their life.


I have a neice who I adore. She's 13 and I love her to pieces. I always wanted a child like her. She is what I call my adopted daughter. Her mom was just a teenager when she was born and I'd help her out with changing her diaper and doing the necessary t hings to take care of her. We are so close now. She now helps me when she is over with my own baby.

 A month ago I received a letter from her. She had to write a letter in her English class and send it to the person who has inffluenced them the most. She sent it to me and I was so honored. It made me cry.

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