I love the sunshine in the morning and the birds singing in the trees outside the windows...sitting in the quiet (well, mostly quiet...the cats are chasing each other) house with a cup of coffee.

Yesterday I had some time before working with my second client, so I decided to stop by Sweet Annie's Cabin in Gville. It was the first time I'd been in there...actually, I might have been there once before right after they opened?...and it was so enchanting, almost. I could just move right in! So many lovely things to see. And I found two plates that I am giving my MIL. She bought a new couch a few months ago, and needed some things for her corner curio cupboard, and these decorative plates will be perfect. In another shop I also found a small tapestry sort of pillow that she can place in her basket and a small rabbit, as well as a cute miniature rabbit pull-toy for myself. I started out this Spring with not one Spring decoration and I've quickly accumulated a nice collection. I am quite pleased by this...never mind the fact that I still need to take the dining room Christmas tree down. Haha...yeah...I really need to do that.

I have two Dotee doll swaps that need to be sent out this week...one needs to be sent today, actually. I need to finish up those dolls. I received one in the post yesterday, from the Netherlands. She's quite cute, and her face reminds me so much of my friend Amanda, so I am naming her Amanda Blue. Is that silly, naming them? The other two I've received don't have names, either.

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Apr. 4, 2009 at 1:58 AM

Okay, I just had to look up what a Dotee doll was.  They look like they would be so fun to make.  Me and my girls may have to give it a try!

I've never been into Sweet Annie's Cabin.  I may have to check it out. 


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