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Today's economy and recession have brought about changes to families in ways that they never imagined.  Many are looking for ways to supplement their income and many part-time jobs are short-lived, or do not come with benefits.

Our debt-free, Health Benefits company is looking to expand and assist those who want to find an alternative to the job-market.  With your Health Benefits home business you can supplement your income AND have a health benefits package for your entire household!

And now, we have a new program to get you up and going even faster.  For less than a cup of coffee and a Danish a day,  you can start your own Health Benefits Home Business and start helping those who do not have benefits, or who also want to work from home, right away!  For just $1.66 per day, you can have your own Health Benefits Home Business and can start helping individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of affordable health care, right away.  Or, help others get started with working at home, too!
Our E-Kit
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Our E-kit gets you access to the tools you want right away!

You will have access to our online tools immediately, including applications, brochures and websites to get your business going the same day.

Access to our training and support is also accessible instantly when you get started with our team.  This training is one of the main reasons our team is the fastest growing team within the company.

Do you want listen in on some of the training we provide to help people reach success?
Visit our training schedule and get on one of our daily calls: 
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If you have questions about our company, what we do and how we are paid here is my contact information and I am happy to answer any questions you might have:

Phone: (208)467-1337

For less than a family dinner out, you can get your Health Benefits Home Business for just $50 (or a $1.66 a day!) with our E-Kit! 

We offer Tools, Support and Training To Help You Succeed:
* Daily/Weekly Pay
* Benefits Package for entire Household
* AD&D Insurance
* 4 e-commerce Marketing & Advertising websites
* Direct Deposit and 401k Available
* Earn bonuses
* Thorough Training and Support
* An E-kit to get you started with making money even faster!

Start supplementing your income today.  Get started by visiting and click on "Get Started Today."
I look forward to helping you get started with your training with your new E-kit!
Sandy Wright
Independent Business Owner

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