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I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of anime through your kids or on T.V. Many of us have watched it ourselves; "Sailor Moon", "Dragon Ball Z", and of course "Pokémon" and "YuGiOH". However the kids that watched anime since its' American debut have now grown up and have embraced animes' "porn" known as "hentai".


The fact that hentai is animated gives illustrators the freedom of any desire or interest. Many hentai titles focus on rape and other forms of violence with sex. Not a good depiction of sex for those who have yet to enjoy it. I realize that many will see no harm in this, and simply classify it as another fetish of pornography; yet search "Anime" on the net a couple times and see if you don't get a "hentai" link or two. My point is if you think your kids are safe searching for anime on the net...They're not.


However, this is not the focus of the warning I'd like to send. I'd like to bring to your attention a sub-faction of "hentai" known as "lolicon" or "loli" for short.


This fetish of animated pornography involves and focuses on prepubescent children as the central characters and victims. "Lolicon" is drawn child pornography! Hard to believe I'm sure!  Like its' sister media, "lolicon" is produced and published in Japan and is legal in very few countries, this is no exception here in the states, yet it is not at all hard to find here.  Lolicon's' definition in Japan is appropriately the rest of the worlds definition of pedophilia...lets you know what we're getting into huh?


In the United States, The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996(CPPA), was under attack for 5 years by extreme activists claiming it was unconstitutional. I remember watching a congress ruling and my jaw hitting the floor when I heard a bill proposing to overturn this act! 


In 2002 they got their wish with Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition, where pornographers, a publisher of nudist lifestyle books, and a painter specializing in nudes filed suit against the CPPA claiming that overbroad statements of the act (i.e. "images that appear to be or convey the impression of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct") prevented them from legitimate business ventures.  The district court ruled in favor of the act stating it was "highly unlikely" that any adaptations of sexual works like Romeo and Juliet, artistic nudes or photos of nudist families would be treated as criminal contraband. 


The case was then appealed and the ruling reversed by the Supreme Court affirming that the act was in fact unconstitutionally overbroad.  However, in 2003 Pres George W Bush signed the Protect Act (or the Amber Alert Law) which does criminalize depictions of persons under the age of 18 in sexual situations and corrects the potentially overbroad statements of the CPPA.  Now we've all heard of the amber alert law, though we do live in a very liberal time and many don't see or want to see how dangerous "depictions" can be as they taunt potential pedophiles with ideals and eye candy.


There is an argument claiming that lolicon can be a harmless outlet for pedophiles' desires that would otherwise be aimed at children; however the evidence supporting this claim is unfounded. There is evidence to the contrary though as there have been four lolicon convictions involving U.S. citizens; Stephen Painter, Dwight Whorley, Dominic Sousa, and Christopher Handley.  Of these four convictions all but Handley were convicted of possession of pornography involving actual children as well as lolicon. These are hard facts! According to these factual based numbers three out of four of those in possession of lolicon will also have other forms of child pornography to further feed their pedophiliac desires. When you look at these numbers you can see a direct correlation between lolicon and pedophilia.


I've personally reported many sites which peddle to this sick illegal fetish, but that's the problem...I'm just one "over conservative parent" to these internet child protection agencies.  They don't want to bother their resources or legal channels to get this illegal content off the net, looking at it as "just drawings".




The following links are extremely graphic and disturbing depictions of children being manipulated, kidnapped and raped.  You truly might find the need to vomit. I offer these only to show parents the sickness and danger they pose to our children. 







Read these and then tell me they're just drawings!



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Apr. 1, 2009 at 7:41 PM

"Lolicon", is not just secluded to pornographic sites; it has found its' way into many regular anime sites aimed at our kids.  As a whole these sites look quite innocent, and as long as you check a box verifying your age you can download entire anime series and movies at any time; very kiddie, very childish, except they can also download as much animated porn as they want too, yes including child rape "lolicon" hentai.  The adult content on these sites is usually nicely hidden though until the hentai box is checked on the user profile, then you'll see more pornography than anime, while keeping up with the child friendly look and feel of the site.  Thus these websites have the potential to entice the otherwise uninterested user into the world of child pornography via lolicon.


Though the people viewing "lolicon" are mostly still "children" in the sense of the word, trying to "rebel", looking for something "taboo"  to engage in to feel unique; or the attraction can be of a much less rebellious nature, i.e. A socially withdrawn teenager who found genuine attraction to young anime characters and missed the mental transition to adulthood along with his age...now that he is an adult he doesn't understand the problem with lusting over fantasies of  children that used to be his age. Though young and mentally immature they are no less dangerous than a standard sex offender.  Now keep in mind these are not young adults lusting at images of physically mature teens, not even young teens; most lolicon victims are depicted from age six to twelve being raped by their fathers, uncles, older brothers, teachers, doctors...you get the idea.  


The excuses and/or defenses pro-lolicon are few, over used and easily dismissed.  Here are some of the excuses I've heard:


  • Excuse: How do you know that the creator didn't intend to draw a physically immature woman 18 years of age?


Dismissal: This common misconception of lolicon is designed to delude the uninformed public who have not actually viewed lolicon into believing that the children depicted in the material are not intended to be children. This distortion is of course contradictory to lolicon's true purpose and definition as pedophilia material.  In lolicon the age of the depicted children is often stated when the character/victim is introduced into the story.


I'm not suggesting that all flat chested characters are children, yet there are key issues that strongly suggest otherwise (i.e.: pubic hair on all characters except the intended child, blood upon penetration, Mickey Mouse backpacks, elementary schools, childlike appearance and attitude). Alone these attributes mean pretty much nothing but when they're put together you get a pretty clear picture of what is being conveyed.



  • Excuse: "It's just fantasy, just drawings, only depictions of something illegal. I know the difference between fiction and reality."


Dismissal: Ok so you enjoy the fantasy and concept of prepubescent children being manipulated and raped also known as pedophilia, and though it is not illegal to be a pedophile, acting out on their sexual desires of children or having any kind of pedophilia pornography is quite illegal.



  • Excuse: "Its art, no form of art should be censored."


Dismissal: "So when you're pleasuring yourself its "hot porn"; then when you need to defend it, it becomes art.  Artists commonly celebrate the human body by painting nudes however there is a huge difference between nudity and graphic sexual acts.



  • Excuse: "It's illegal that lolicon is illegal...it's an illegal law, it goes against free speech, it's unconstitutional.


Dismissal: First of all what is illegal law?  Is any law you don't want to follow, illegal?

 This is typically an excuse for pedophilia, and therefore it's been publicly addressed many times... "Free Speech does not apply to nor does it protect ANY form of child pornography."



  • Excuse: "How does reading lolicon make me a pedophile?"


Dismissal: Truly the question should be how does it NOT make you a pedophile?

The definition of "pedophile" is "An adult who is sexually attracted to small children".  Lolicon is pornography whose main characters are prepubescent children, do the math. Though saying everyone who views lolicon is a pedophile can't be an accurate statement, as there are officials whose job it is to find this filth, verify it, penalize those distributing it, and categorize evidence.

Lets view it more simply; "Not every pedophile looks at lolicon just as not every fisherman reads fishing magazines, though if we look at it the other way around...a good deal of fishing magazine readers do fish."



Few things in this world are black and white, exactly as they appear...lolicon is one of these; it's graphically depicted child pornography...that's it, period.


This message is an attempt to surface this underground illegal perversion; to bring it to the attention of the masses and have much needed action taken against it.

This has nothing to do with politics, religion or race...this is about humanity, pure and simple. It's about protecting children and getting dangerous illegal content off the net and away from pedophiles feeding their disease.


I am but one person, and though just one can make a difference, this is not easily accomplished; in that respect, I urge for your aid and assistance toward this advocacy of our children's protection and wellbeing.



Below I have listed a collaboration of websites to help further inform the public about lolicon and provide the means to take a stand against it.






These two links are simply informative sites of Lolicon in general, the legal status of lolicon in multiple countries and the Protect Act of 2003 which outlaws it in the U.S.











These are a few illegal lolicon sites. The first are free sites easily accessed by minors and completely anonymous. The last link is a pay site which requires a paid membership via credit card; pay sites can be beneficial to authorities as they can track offenders by their credit transactions.












These are all sites to report child pornography and lolicon as well, as it is child pornography.  I urge you to take a moment to report the before mentioned sites to one of these child advocacy agencies.





This final link provides the best means to take action against lolicon; no group or organization has the legal influence and public outreach as your local congress representative.  This site provides contact information for your local congress representative including phone, fax numbers, and address.


Now of course lolicon is illegal in America by the before mentioned Protect Act, though due to the fact that the majority of the public is completely unaware of lolicon, the Protect Act has not been properly enforced and lolicon has been kept underground, out of the public's eye and into the open hands of impressionable youth and pedophiles alike.


In a time when you're afraid to take your eyes off you kids for a split second, when children disappear from front yards, bus stops, and parks every week; we can help get rid of that desire, that perversion toward children by putting a stop to the ease of access to this child pornography and making sure that the laws put in place against it are enforced.

Please join me in this campaign for our children's protection.  Please help by forwarding this message to any parent, teacher, counselor...any rational mature human being you know. 


Thank you for your time in reading this informative warning for our children's safety.  I hope this has alerted you to the existence of lolicon and the danger that it poses to society and our kids.  I pray you find the time in your schedule to take a stand against this atrocity.


If you have any questions, concerns or would like additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at Protect_the_kids@lobbyist.com.




Travis Smith

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Apr. 2, 2009 at 10:28 PM

all i can say is thank you for bring this to my attention....how sad this makes me.

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Apr. 3, 2009 at 4:17 AM

Loliocon is the most sickening thing.... Its the reason anime is looked down upon here in the states and thruoghout the world....frustrated

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Apr. 9, 2009 at 9:35 PM

You're very welcome Momof3squirts, and it is quite sad and dangerous.

Very true LilithMKD, disgusting and to those that know of lolicon it does lower thier view of anime as a hole, but that's the problem the majority have no clue it exists and thats why we as parent have to act and let others know.  P.S when are you due?!


Thank you both for reading and hopefully reporting and passing this along

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Oct. 12, 2009 at 8:04 AM

dear TMSmith, i would just like to remind you that you live in a so called 'free society'. I ask you however how can society be free with people like you telling people what to do and what to watch and what not to, i am neither a supporter of it or a condemner but i will injustice to crusade against i think it should be the illegal status of marijuana; with a matter of minuets of Internet browsing (clicking on google and selecting the top couple of sites) it is easy to find out that marijuana is not illegal because of its so called 'dangers' but rather a plethora ridiculous reasons with the most prominent including racism, association with unfashionable lifestyles and historical links with narcotics as well as many other ridiculous reasons. In fact the latest research points towards marijuana being less dangerous than alcohol, which is a substance that is consumed in great amounts every day. 

Usefull websites :



http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_is_marijuana_illegal    .... yes even wiki answers which is a site associated with wikipedia which is a much trusted open encyclopedia.

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Oct. 12, 2009 at 2:11 PM

Mr. Smith...

After looking upon and browsing through (as you no doubt have) I noticed you have led a personal vendetta against one site in particular... myincesthentai.com

I don't condemn you for your beliefs, but I cannot look upon a person who leads personal vendettas to such an extent as to hunt down and try to destroy one object and claim that its for the greater good and say, "That is a proper, well mannered, well respected, and intelligent human being." no... I can only say, "That is a poor, sad, mislead, human being that has nothing better to do than to take other people's things and crush them and demanding that they like them for it."

You hate hentai Mr. Smith, I can see that... But I for one cannot stand the fact that someone such as yourself would stoop sow low, as to actually seek to destroy a part of the world's adult entertainment industry... As I said before, I do not condemn you. I just cannot look at you and think you are a proper human.

I do not take action in this regard because I myself have fetishes that I'd rather see in hentai than in real life pornography, that's why I do not dislike hentai. However, I do not like it either for hentai contains every fetish emaginable. (I will not list for the sake of mind). Some of my fetishes I'd like to see in hentai and not in real life pornography are  tentacles, furry, shotocon, and so on.

As you an see Mr. Smith, I am not perfect either, but you have exceeded even my expectations. You go so far as to force a website to move several times on exaggerated claims of illigality. I have checked Mr Smith, and myincesthentai, the site which you have forced to do so, is, and has allways been completely and entirely legal. If you wish to get rid of a hentai site, then please find one that is actually and entirely illegal. I know of a few, but will not list them, seeing as you have the resources, and the time, and the methods of finding them on your own...

Now if you'll excuse me, I need some alone time with a puching bag that is long overdue to be destroyed. If you have quetions, please post them here, I will check back often, to see the progress of a crusade that will end in failure, as have countless others exactly like this one I have seen over the past few years... If you want to leave criticisms, please save your time, your fingers, and my time as well for I have many more important things to do than to read and reply to angry posts of "Oh no, you're wrong! Hentai is illegal!" because it IS legal, deal with it, leave the adult entertainment industry alone, it will only lead to a few billion laughs at you for failing, as I take the post of hate and post it up onto failblog.org for the whole world to see...

Thank you, have a nice day.


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Oct. 12, 2009 at 2:14 PM

Oh! One more thing... If the kids get into bad things, it's not anyone's fault but the caretaker's for not applying the right restraints. (like a PARENTAL LOCK for the internet for example... as well as parental locks on the TV... YES IT IS POSSIBLE! IF YOU DON'T THINK SO, THEN YOU ARE IGNORANT BEOND BELIEF!)

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Oct. 12, 2009 at 4:50 PM

So your complaining about drawn sexual acts with a minor? What's wrong with you? Would you rather have the real thing?! Old men raping their daughters, strangers kidnapping and having sex with minors? Are you that blind?

This gives those types of people a way to "vent" their perverse nature, without taking the kind of action that could scar a child for life and end them in jail.

I'm also in agreeance with blunderbluss, if you don't like it then block it. Theres no reason you should have to see something you don't like, I don't click through the channels to find that depressing commercial with those hungry and sick children do I? No, but I don't click back to that commercial every now and then to complain about it.

Its not like your going to wake up tomorrow and find that all the children of the land have been corrupted by the evil internet, most kinds don't even own a computer.

Lastly, why are you picking on the little guys? How about you try to complain about the big bosses like 4Chan?

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Oct. 12, 2009 at 5:15 PM

+1 to the 4chan part

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Oct. 12, 2009 at 5:40 PM

To cafe mom moderators:

I have recently upset a popular pedophile community from one of the sites I regularly report "myincesthentai.com"  Instead of bothering their legal channels and pressing charges against the webmaster the authorities and servers apparently just dropped their contract.  This will get pretty ugly and childish pretty quick as this post I had on Pittmom forum has been taken down due to threats to myself and family.  So I apologize in advance for the pedophile traffic that will be joining and posting regularly in the near future.  I will of course understand if you must remove this post to keep the maturity of your site intact.


To myincesthentai pedophiles hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet:

Truly I hadn't checked the actual site in some time, I have certain albums bookmarked as to report it easier, so thank you for making me quite the celebrity on your site.  Reading the recent blogs dedicated to yours truly I see you believe I recently reported the site again...I haven't done so since I guess you switched servers as I believed the site was done(temporarily of course.)  So it looks like I have a regular ally in this.  Please don't misunderstand, I'm flattered that you all are joining cafemom just to respond, but myincesthentai is by no means the only lolicon site I report, I've gotten more than a few shut down, so it's not a vendetta against a certain site.  A popular belief from pedophiles is if it bothers you don't look at it: not much of an argument as it can be used on any atrocity, I report it because it is child pornography any way you dress it up.  Lolicon would also be naturally used to condition children in brothels.  It's illegal in most of the world for a reason, I'm sure these reasons vary by country. 

Something that amazes me though, you think a civilian can force a law that doesn't exist?  I don't think "complaining" would make a server drop a client...that's just ludicrous, really you give me too much credit.  It's a touchy law, so they simply drop them rather than take it to court and burn tax dollars.  That being said I'm not sure which one of you brought up pot...nor do I get why, but I'm for the legalization of marijuana, It's a hindrance for the war on drugs as it is the majority of arrests; legalize pot and it will be much easier to find and expose true drug rings, and get them off the streets.

Truly I haven't responded or debated with your kind in some time as people will defend their sexual orientation to the death.  Telling you children are not sexual objects would like be telling a religious extremist there is no god.  But I had no idea I had be come such a celebrity on your site.  Thank you for the info and I will look into child pornography laws of the Netherlands.

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