Question: Should I go in an have the films done, or should I wait it out????


I'd go who cares about being broke

I wouldn't go that stuff is expensive

I'd get a second opinion


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I'm supposed to have films done on my knee in a few hours. I'm scared. I was reading on webmd.com about knee issues. It started about a month ago and the pain has not stopped. I have no idea what I did to it. I pretty much went to bed one night and it has not stopped since. I've used ice, heat, warps, tape massage and pills and not a single thing has helped. I went and saw my dr today and he's the one who wants to have the films done. He thinks that it may be torn cartalidge(sp). I was reading on webmd I read about a woman who had knee pain like mine and it turned out to be a tumor, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma to be exact. Talk about scary. She said the pain wouldnt go away and it was a constent burning sensation, check one and check two. She was always wearing a brace of some kind to help support it and check three. On top of the being scared part I have no insurance and no money to pay for the scans. The dr also said that if the films don't show anything I'd have to go in for an MRI and someone with no insurance its about $900. I know because my brother just had one done and my grandpa shelled out about $950 then had to wait for my brother to get insurance and then be reimbursed. Its expensive. I dont have the money. So I need your guys' help on this one. What to do??? I'd really like to get as much help as I can so could you vote popular please, thanks.

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Apr. 2, 2009 at 5:45 AM

Well if nothing has worked then you need answers. Its better to catch most things early as possible. Do you have family health plus or another affordable insurance in your state thats based on income? There are also some health centers with xrays that have a "sliding fee scale" based on income you may have to pay very little. Look into those options to help with cost. You can also call the billing dept of the places near you to see if they will set up affordable monthly pay plans some will let u pay just a little every month. as long as you pay something every month they cant send it to collections. Good luck!

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Apr. 2, 2009 at 7:56 AM

I would go out and buy a good pair of walking sneakers.   I had knee pain which was caused by bursitis.  It swelled, hurt bad!  I took advil and iced it and rested it.   I went to my doctor and he told me, go buy good walking shoes with good support.   That was 25 years ago.  Every six months I can tell when the sneakers are wearing out. My knee starts acting up. I go buy a new pair and wa la   ....works like a charm.

Its way cheaper then x-rays, doctor bills, especially with no insurance.    And it worked.  I love my doctor!  He was right!

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Apr. 2, 2009 at 10:13 AM I'm calling the hospital wher I'l have the scans done to find out if they have a sliding scale. I already have great walking shoes with support in them and everything so the Dr's office was a last option. Anyone else have any ideas?

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