So for the second time in the last year (it could be more or less, but everything runs together), an under-wire has broke my washer.  It's a 3 1/2 year old (the washer, the under-wire is definitely older but it's a Vicky's so it should last) front loader.  The first time, I'd noticed that a bra was missing a wire, didn't find it in the dryer or the washer and tossed it.  It turned up in the drain hose and put a rather messy hole in it.  The second time was just recently when the drain pump wouldn't work.  Another wire had escaped and this time made it's way to the motor and jammed it.

I'm lucky my husband loves to take things apart and fixed it both times.  I think I would've been mortified to have a repairman come out to fix either after finding the cause.  I know, I should put them in a bag and either hand wash or delicate but I've been washing them like this for sooooooo long, it's a hard habit to break.  At least I've been putting them in the bag (that's hard enough to remember) now so if the wire falls out, it should just fall in to the bag.  It seems like my new Vicky's bras don't seem to be as durable as the older ones.  That probably has to do with the fact they are now held together by tape to make them seamless.  Oh well, I seem to be switching to Gillian and Michaels at Target anyway so maybe they'll last better, or at least to my abuse standards!

rolling on floordoing laundry

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