1. I love Jesus

2. I am a youth leader at Resurrection Life center(www.reslifecenter.com)check out the teens section if you want to know what I've been up to...

3. My family is very special to me

4. I have a total of 5 sisters and 2 brothers

5. I almost have my foster care license

6. I hate drugs and what they do to people

7. I strongly believe if you get to the root of the problem, you don't need to cover it up(with drugs) just fix it

8.Ryan and i have been facing infertility for 5 years

 9.I believe the BIBLE is Baisic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

10.I got married in Florida when I was 18

11. Our ten year anniversary will be on 12-12-12

12. I lived in Florida for 2 years and loved it!

13. I moved back to Michigan partly because I missed my family

14. My sister Mandi is my best friend and moved to Florida to be closer to me

15.I have two dogs-one of which I got when I lived in Florida

16. I love my church family and what they bring to my life

17. I love my house and where I live, it reminds me a lot of where i grew up

18.I've already came to that day when you realize you became your parents even when you promised yourself you wouldn't.

19. I love white chocolate and don't really care for reg. chocolate unless it has peanut butter with it.

20.I love to be crazy and silly and serious all at the same time.

21.My favorite summer past time is having picnics under Mackinac bridge

22. I eat at Pizza hut almost every Sunday

23. I love everyone no matter what they've done to me in the past.

24. I only use Mary Kay make up and skin products ( I sell it too if you're interested)

25. I look forward to the future and what it can hold.

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