So, I'm due with baby #2 on November 15th. This should be a very exciting time for me, but since I'm off my meds, I find it hard to get excited about anything. Does that make me a terrible mother? I feel like one. ZoeJane is so excited. I'm keeping her involved. We took her to the ultrasound and I had to put the picture low on the fridge so she could reach it. She goes and gets it a few times everyday. It's so cute. Every few days she talks to the baby. lol, She'll be the best big sister.

I'm out of school right now. My next term doesn't start until the April 15th. So...I've got even more time that I need to fill in order to keep my mind occupied (and therefore, sane). I'm trying to keep up with this new website in order to keep myself busy. I've only written two new things...but I they make me feel pretty good.

Random songs are making me think too much and therefore, making me cry. Actually, I'm crying about pretty much everything. I'm still in shock over last night's episode of House (who else LOVES this show?!). I mean, who saw that coming? I loved Kutner.

OH, and on top of all this other stuff, my OB wants me to see a cardiologist. Because I've had mitralvalve prolapse since I was really little, she wants to check on the "status" of my heart. She said all the things we've been chalking up to anxiety could be my heart (okay, quitting anxiety and anti-depressant meds cold turkey is going to make me pretty anxious). I've been having heart flutters and chest tightness, but I went to the hospital for chest pain a couple of weeks ago and they did an EKG and monitored my heart, but said it was just anxiety. Nonethless, I'm still really worried about seeing a cardiologist. Oh, and I found out today that I have to have a tooth pulled. OUCH! I've never had it done, and of course since I'm pregnant, they're only doing a local anesthetic. I'm scared!! Has anyone had a tooth pulled with only a local?? How bad was it??


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Apr. 7, 2009 at 10:51 PM

I thought you were due in October?  But anyway congrats again.  Ohhh I saw video that Tatum took of Zoe Jane when you guys were home last.  (we are here now)  She has gotten soo big and is sooo tall.  Good Job raising her mommy.

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