Yuck o doodle whooo... I hate working reference sometimes, b/c as I sit here and stare (I mean stare for 7 straight hours) at this blasted computer screen as a horrible headache grows within my brain. Only 45 more minutes. It is usually at the end of a day where I start to really feel it.

Meanwhile Will is sick and so after I get done here I have to go home and take care of Kira, take care of Will and whoever else is at our house, and get rid of this damn headache. I think I just want a nap. Kira will probably go down around 7-8 so only 3-4 hours dealing with her and then I might go to bed early tonight. I might just kick out our friends for the late evening and tell them to come over for Easter dinner if they want tomorrow. I am not going anywhere tomorrow with the exception of going to church. I might go to mass up at St. Joe. It's about 40 minutes away, but it's better than the priest we have here in town. What a bastard. I could drag my hubby to a non-demonational church, but he doesn't like "hippie churches".

Hopefully this headache will go away.

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