I'm sure you know who...


His father.


He called me last Wednesday I believe it was to ask when he could get Austin. I told him that we had plans for Friday and of course Saturday since it was his party. So he says ok I'll get him Sunday (which was fine.. since it was a holiday, we have to share the day anyhow) Fastfoward 2 days.. and what do you know. He calls AGAIN.. this time pretending to ask me what to get Austin for his bday. Um first of all, you've asked me at least 5 times in the past few months what to get him. My answer has always stayed the same. And besides, he IS your son too a-hole, why can't you figure out something to get him yourself. When he first called, it was obvious he had just gotten out of bed (it was like 2 pm) and he was mumbling so I couldn't understand what he asked and assumed he asked when I wanted him to get Austin again.. so I told him Sunday and he said "actually I was going to have my grandparents bring him here after his party because I don't know if I'll come" and I was like "you can get him Sunday". Then he asked to talk to Austin.. "to ask him what he wanted for his bday" and a few minutes later, Austin comes up and asks me if he's going to his daddy's house after his party. Instead of keeping Austin in the middle, I said (loud enough for the a-hole to hear) "don't worry about when you're going, your dad knows when he's allowed to come get you". So they get off the phone.. and at that point, I was annoyed that he put Austin in the middle.. but what else is new.

Then it comes time for his party... and that jerk actually showed up. I honestly cannot stand the sight of him or the sound of his voice. It makes me cringe. I had been talking to Ryan and my sister and her husband so he just went to bug my dad for a while. Then he comes over and asked me if I was having fun. Stupid me said what I was thinking at the time "not really" (I only felt that way because he was there bugging me). Then he said "me either, that's why I normally don't come". Um hello, it is your SON'S party. Who cares if you're having fun as long as he is?? So whatever, he left me alone after that for a while. Then he started bugging Austin. He kept picking him up which was ok at first... until he kept holding Austin over his head or upside down. When Austin would be above his head, he'd start kicking because he wanted down. I almost got kicked in the face at one point and I said "if I get kicked in the face, I'm going to punch someone and it ain't gonna be Austin" to which the jerk replied "don't kick mommy in the face because if I get punch, you're getting smacked" and I said "don't you lay a hand on him." And when Austin would be upside down, his face would turn red and I'd have to say put him down and I'd corral Austin over to the other side of the room by us. Then someone was telling Austin to say thank you or bye to someone and of course he was distracted by all of the stuff going on around him so he didn't say it right away so his father kicked him in the butt and said in a mean tone "say thank you". This happened a few times.. and I know for a fact that it's something that ass does a lot. No matter how many times I tell him to stop. He's actually proud of himself for doing that sort of shit because "Austin listens to him" which is completely not even true. Austin listens almost all of the time anyhow, but the only reason why he'd listen to his dad would be because he's scared of him. Moving on to opening the presents... for some ungodly reason, he decided he needed to be up with me and Austin as he opened his presents. He had smart ass comments for anything that Austin got that he didn't think was a good enough present.


Austin had been asking my sister for this Care Bear for a while now. You can see on his face that he loves it. Now take a look at his dad's face. That's his "it's a girls toy" face.

And here's proof that I can't stand him:

he obviously thinks something's hilarious that I don't. That's my "I hate you" face.

So whatever, he was being the stupid ass that he is. I was ignoring him the best that I could. Austin got done opening presents and we were trying to get things cleaned up a little so it was easier to pack up and leave when our time was up. He came over to me and asked me who a few people were that came, so I told him. Then he had the nerve to get a snotty tone with me and say "well how am I supposed to know when you won't introduce me" and I said "you're a big boy, if you want to know who someone is, go introduce yourself". I was so stressed out the entire time because I knew he was going to try to still get Austin afterwards. So my whole family was like I'll tell him _______ and I was like you all can go ahead and make up your lists for why Austin's staying home but none of it's going to matter except what I say. So he's just hovering around me, Austin, my sister and her husband. My sister and her husband were talking to Austin about the hockey jersey that they got for him and said something about going home and putting it on and watching the Penguins game and getting his hockey sticks out or something... so the ass gets rude again and said "uh no, he's coming home with me" and I said "uh no, you're getting him tomorrow like I said on the phone when you call the other two times". So he just gives me a nasty look and my blood was boiling that he would start this shit at his son's party. I was literally shaking because I was so fed up with him. So I said "tomorrow is Easter. Easter is a holiday. We have to share holidays. If you take him tonight, you won't bring him home until tomorrow night when it's too late to do anything with him. And besides that, I had already told you twice when you could get him." Then he had the nerve to look at me and say "don't start this" or "don't make a scene" or some shit like that.. and all I said was "ME???!?!?!?" So he walked away and went and sat with his dad (whom I'm never cared much for) and his grandparents (whom I've always liked) and gets this nasty look on his face and starts whispering.. and I had already walked over to the other side of the room where he was to do something and I saw him and said "if you've got something to say, say it to my face" and he said "I'm not talking about you" and I said "yeah, ok" and his grandma stood up for the ass and said "he's really not" which she only did because she didn't want a fight at Austin's party. So I was furious and walked back to talk to my sister. Next thing I know, I look over and my ex's dad was gone.. didn't say bye to Austin or anything. Then my ex comes walking over to say bye to Austin and says I'll see you tomorrow. Then his grandma said bye. His grandpa was just going to walk out when I sent Austin to go give him a hug too. So they both thanked my parents and left... never said a word to me. Whatever. So everyone leaves and I go to pay the bill and come back and see my dad and Ryan talking. Apparently his dad stormed out because he was pissed off at my ex for starting shit with me. I was shocked to say the least. Any other time he'd encourage his stupid son to be an asshole.


So yeah.. that was Austin's party.. from my point of view anyhow. Thank god Austin and everyone else had a good time.

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 8:23 AM

Honey I'm so sorry he did this at Austins party ...HA now I have a pic of the SOB *evil grin on face* HAHA never now what may happen to him now , ladies you see that man run him over , trust me he won't be missed . ((((HUGS))))

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 8:26 AM

Sad thing is, the entire time I am reading this I am thinking the kids Austin can feel the tension in the room.  I'm sure no one was particulary comfortable.  If your Ex is as much of an Ass as you say you need to figure a way to 1: either see he gets help so it doesn't affect Austin more so, 2: Get a court order that doesn't allow him visitations without supervison IE: the kick in the but etc, sounds like this poor excuse for a man.  Your Boy is beautiful and I am glad you understand his wanting the carebear.  He probable needed it more at that time than ever. 

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 8:43 AM

I don't think Austin really noticed any tension. He was too busy running around having fun. And about his family, I don't give 2 shits about whether they were uncomfortable or not. I did not even invite his father. His grandparents were invited, not him. He has missed all of Austin's other parties besides his first one because he was too worried about being with his new girlfriend or doing whatever he wanted to do.

As far as custody and visitation go... you're not the only one who thinks it should be supervised. I've felt that way all along but apparently the court didn't think so. And I will be buying his whole god damn record and taking it, along with pictures and doctors reports with me next time I have to go back.. which if he keeps this shit up, will be fairly soon

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 11:06 AM

I'm sorry. ;( I hope you will make it clear that he isn't invited to any more events unless you specifically ask him (and hopefully, for Austin that will happen one day -- it should) but, if not -- he has no right to be there unless you want him there. And, as far as the physical abuse -- that should be reported.

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 5:09 PM

What's best for Austin isn't necessarily that we have to celebrate thigns together. If he's going to cause problems, I don't want him there. I don't want to have to be stressed out around him when I'm supposed to be enjoying myself and seeing my son so happy. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you. And the fact that I never told him when he was talking about coming to Austin's party that he wasn't invited was because I was hoping that we could both be there without any issues. It's obvious that he's still as selfish as ever and it's obvious that I'm not the same girl that let him walk all over me and do whatever the hell he wanted to do. He hasn't gotten the point that he can't push me around anymore, and he can try to blame my family or Ryan for me sticking up because they "put those ideas in my head" (because I know that's exactly what he's thinking) but in reality, it's all me. I was so freaking anxious because I knew he was going to try to take Austin and I knew I had to say something to him.

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