So I got the story about Austin's party out of the way.. that was Saturday.

Sunday, I had to work which sucked enough on it's own since it was Easter.. but then you add in our shift manager who don't do shit while he's at work. He pissed me off so bad. I was working in food with my friend the entire time I was there. We are both good workers so once the crowd died down, we had everything caught up, cleaned, stocked.. etc.. It was dead, there was noone in the store so I was talking to my friend when he turns to me and says "Tina, do you have everything cleaned and filled and stocked?" and I said yeah. Then he says "are you willing to bet your life on it" and I said do you really need to be so extreme, this place isn't worth dying for. So I got the hint that he thought I needed to make myself look busy. So I walked back over in the kitchen and he followed me and said "I'm doing a quick inspection" and guess what.. he didn't find anything wrong. So he walked in the back to the office and after a few minutes came back out and checked the cooler cause he remembered that he didn't check it before... and he wasn't looking so I flipped him off and my friend saw and started laughing. The reason why I was pissed and the only reason why he did an "inspection" on ME was because I actually spoke up at one of our meeting about how 3rd shift (the shift he works on) never has coffee made when we come in at 6 am on the weekends. I said that it's too hard to catch coffee up and put newspapers together on Sunday mornings, while waiting on customers and trying to get all of our other shift duties done before we get the church crowd. So he tried to claim that they always do make coffee and I called bullshit and the manager (who runs the meetings) believed me (I've only been working for maybe 6 months) over him (who's part of managment and has been working there for years). So I think he was still pissed at me.. but whatever..

Then later on Sunday, Seth had to go see his mother. She rarely gets him. Ryan has told me several times she only gets him once every couple months.. but for a while she was getting him every weekend or at least every other weekend.. but only because she saw that Seth actually had a positive mother type figure in his life and she needed to mark her territory. That died off quick though. Anyways, since she got him in the afternoon, she was only allowed to keep him until 8 but was supposed to call if they were bringing him home early. We got a call at 7 saying that they were bringing Seth home because he wanted to come home. They get to Ryan's house and Seth walks in and it's obvious that he's been crying and is upset. So his great grandma said "it was rough this time" and then started crying and just left without even saying goodbye which upset Seth more. (BTW, his mother didn't even come when they got him or dropped him off.. and she HAS to have her mother or grandmother with her at all times when she gets Seth). So Ryan and I were asking him what happened and tried to get him calmed down when his mother called. Ryan answered the phone and handed it to Seth and he didn't even want to talk but Ryan told him who it was so he said hi and then didn't say anything else. He stood there listening for a few seconds before he started bawling again. So Ryan was holding him and I told Ryan to just hang up so he said "he's upset now so I'm hanging up". Se we get him all calmed down again but couldn't get a straight answer out of him why he was upset. I kept trying to tell Ryan to stop asking so many questions because he's just going to agree with everything you ask him and you won't know what's going on anyways, so why upset him more by asking. So then we find out that they didn't feed him dinner. His dinner was a pop tart and jello so Ryan was trying to find something for him to eat that he'd actually agree to eating. They decided on a grilled cheese sandwich. Ryan was in the process of making it when she called again. I don't know what she said but Ryan went off on her. I'm happy he did. He's had a lot of things he's claimed he was going to say to her and never did just to avoid the fight. And while it wasn't the best time to argue, I'm still glad he said his peace. I'm not going to get into the things that I heard him say because I don't think he'd want me broadcasting it on the internet.. but in any case, she's not a good parent. She's irresponsible, she does stupid shit (drinking and driving and drugs) so they were fighting (Ryan went in the laundry room so he wouldn't be around Seth but his house is too small to not hear him yelling). Seth comes over to me and starts crying and saying he's scared. So, I closed the door and got him his Easter basket and started playing with his new toys with him. Then Ryan walked out to get a pen to write her number down or something and didn't close the door again and started yelling more.. so I go back and yell into the room "you need to calm down and take it down a notch. Seth is out here bawling because he's scared. Just hang the fucking phone up" and I slammed the door and took Seth back in the living room and played with him more. It wasn't long before Ryan got off the phone after I yelled. Meanwhile, Seth's sandwich started burning so I threw it on a plate to cool it off. Ryan get's Seth and makes him start eating and the entire time Seth is saying why were you fighting? and stuff like that and Ryan lied and said he was yelling at the washer cause it wouldn't work. And Ryan kept asking Seth questions about what happened and again, I was like Ryan knock it off. Let it go. And then he would pace around and try to talk to me about it and I was like babe, I know you're upset but you need to wait for him to go to bed and then we can talk about it. So he ate, and got ready for bed and came to give me a hug goodnight and he wouldn't let go of me. Poor kid. I don't know what happened, and I doubt we will ever really know what happened. But he was still extra whiney and clingy this morning when he got up. Ryan and I talked after he went to bed and he just kept saying "I bet she's on house arrest and that's why she didn't come" and I was like "that may very well be hunny but they don't think it's important enough to tell you so dont' worry about it." which is what I've been saying for a while now when he's been wondering if she had to go to jail or rehab after getting into multiple DUIS. I was like either your fight will wake her up and realize what she does to him and she will either get him more often or not at all.. or she will continue to come in and out of his life. There's nothing you can do about it. Then he even dug up his court order for custody and visitation because she tried to argue with him about what it said.. so he found it and read it to me and I just said I know babe, I trust you.

UGH... then Ryan couldn't sleep very good. I had to talk to him again in bed to get him to calm down enough to even be able to fall asleep and then once he did, he kept having bad dreams and jumping and waking both of us up.

Overall, this weekend wasn't a good one for us.

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 9:09 AM

Poor little guy.  I wish you all the best.

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 11:14 AM

That's awful. The ex's pretty much screwed up your weekend and that stinks.I'm sorry Seth was so upset...and that Ryan allowed himself to get upset. You were right in trying to stop the "talking" (too bad you also lost it at one point)...Seth needed both of you to be calm and relaxed so he could share what was bothering him. I hope that happens tonight.

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Apr. 13, 2009 at 4:56 PM

Yeah, I did lose it.. because I felt like she was fucking stupid for calling back AGAIN after already making him bawl the first time and doing whatever the fuck she did to make him cry in the first place. Shes worried about herself and not him, and that pissed me off.

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