This is one of many posts you will read asking why so  many moms can't seem to get past themselves, their believes, ect... However this one is different because I am in no way disillusioned that this  post will change anyone or make anyone think before they speak.  It is merely my observation on all the drama.

 I don't think it's ignorance or intolerance that incites all the drama.  It's one person having their believes challenged at a time they already feel vulnerable. 

We have all read the "Perfect Mom" responses and gagged, the political posts and laughed at the insanity, and the religious, or anti- religous posts and thought "great way to show your tolerance of others".  

But it isn't about tolerance ,it is validation, most people are seeking.  We all need to believe that what ever we are choosing to do is the right thing. Having that questioned isn't easy on a normal day let alone on a day your already having doubts.

For example:

The baby won't stop crying and your typically perfect children are being a little less than pefect, today. Then someone swoops in and tells you what your doing wrong. They may be right, but do you really want an answer or understanding? 

The political party you associate yourself with is doing stupid stuff..... again! You see it, the whole world sees it, but you can't admit it because then that could possibly make your views wrong!  But does it? Or does it just make someone else one more stupid so called "Leader" in our country who can't seem to figure out that all we want is honesty, integrity and to be left the heck alone.

We seem to be willing to argue until the cows come home if it will allow us to continue to believe what ever we are so desperately clinging to is right.  We are so afraid of being proven wrong, even when we know it's wrong, we will still try to find a way we can be right!

It's not about anyone else or their views , it's about personal perception.  Most people aren't  confident enough to listen, to admit when their wrong, or  see life through a different lens. 

If we were we would be  fixing the  problems, instead of always arguing about who or what caused the problems!  We wouldn't be scared of difference because we could see it as a way to fix issues.  But we want to be right, more than we want to fix it.

Our desire to be "normal"  seems to requires we are right, so they must be wrong,  is the real culprit behind the drama.  But what is normal?  And come on, who the heck is right all the time? 

If normal is avoiding the truth, then who wants to be normal?  If right means you live in your own little bubble, constanlty nervous about someone popping it, how sad!  

It's alot easier to just admit your human and so is everyone else, then it is to live in an fantasy land that constantly has you on defense.


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Apr. 13, 2009 at 3:34 PM

yep!  Truth be told it is like telling my boyfriend about my horrible day.. and he wnts to tellme what I need to do differently next time.  Sometimes the answer is just listen... AND be told, "I'm sorry you had a bad day!"

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Apr. 14, 2009 at 1:56 PM

I totally agree. Yes, people need understanding. But don't ask for answers or suggestions if all you want is pitty or understanding.

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